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Squeak Technique Review

Official Review

October 10th, 2011 12:48pm
Reviewed by Tracy Atteberry
Squeak Technique has great teaching, great production value, and great material. What makes it great, however, is not really the squeaker material. Don't get me wrong, the squeaker material is fun. The DVD includes two squeakers and I've been annoying my wife and our cat with them for the last several weeks. But what makes it really great is Bravo!, an original bowl and ball routine that is thoroughly and expertly taught by Jeff. Even if you don't do, or even want to do, a bowl and ball routine, there is still plenty to learn. To give you a better idea here are the chapter titles:

Part 1 (Bravo!)

  • Opening

  • The Evolution

  • The Routine in Performance

  • Types of Bowls

  • Types of Balls

  • Final Loads

  • Types of Wands

  • Load Holders

  • Squeakers

  • The Framework

  • The Practice Loop

  • The 10 Count Sequence

  • Using the Squeaker

  • Audience Participants

  • The Repeat Ball Sequence

  • Final Load Sequence

  • Johnny Thompson Variation

  • Bonus Routine

  • Resources [thumbs up for this]

  • Performance @ Wonderground

Part 2 (The Squeaker)

  • Beginning

  • Sound Effects

  • The Wall

  • The Robot

  • The Car

  • The Rooster

  • Laugh and Cry

  • Chapeaugraphy

  • The Balloon Gag

  • The Fly

  • Final Thoughts

  • Credits

As you can see, there's a lot of breadth and depth in the Bravo! section and a nice selection of squeaker bits in Part 2 as well.

If you're the kind of person that skims your DVDs take a moment to bow your head in shame then be sure not to skip over the Johnny Thompson Variation or the Bonus Routine. The Johnny Thompson Variation is an idea that provides nice cover for the final load and the Bonus Routine is an interesting bill to lemon effect involving some byplay with the crumpled up bill and a bowl. And hey, don't skip the resources chapter either. It has great pointers for further research.

Jeff is an excellent teacher, and kudos to Jordan Wright for the high production value, but I do have one small issue with this offering. The title and packaging might lead you to believe that this is all about the squeaker gags, which are great fun. However, both in quality and quantity this DVD stars the Bravo! routine, which deserves the spotlight.

Finally, the big question: should you buy it? If you have an interest in cups and ball then I think Jeff's ball and bowl routine are a must-have. If you want some fun squeaker gags, even though it's not the star of the DVD, I don't think you'll find collection like this taught on DVD anywhere else.

Five and a quarter stars for the material, teaching, and production value, but minus a quarter star for packaging that highlights the lesser portion of the content.

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Product info for Squeak Technique

Author: McBride, Jeff
Publisher: McBride Magic & Mystery School
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Feel the Power of The Squeak!

Make your sleight-of-hand more effective by adding a "Mc-Sqeaker." Jeff teaches you how to use this great gimmick to add laughs to your show.

Filled with ideas, bits of business and sure-fire gags for creating your own comedy magic routines.

Includes BRAVO! A Squeaky Clean Ball and Bowl Routine.

The world's leading teacher of stage magic shares the inner secrets of a street magic classic! The inner workings now revealed!

Step back in time to the street magic of Renaissance Italy and witness a recreation of a timeless classic of magic. Learn now this time-tested routine can be adapted for today's audiences.

  • This is a "do any time, any where" effect that will leave your audiences speechless!
  • Includes the secret gimmicks that will enhance the routines and can be used in many other effects.
  • use your own or a borrowed bowl and sponges, or even rolled-up bank notes.
  • Learn the history of this classic effect and how it can be updated for modern audiences.

Package includes two Mc-Squeakers.

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