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Magic Matters Review

Official Review

September 19th, 2011 12:32pm
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
Bob Neale is so damned unique. He's a true inventor of the impossible in our little corner of the world where so many others claim to be. MAGIC MATTERS is a book of ideas, tricks, theories, and meaning that will surely challenge you in more ways than one. And I'm not going to lie to you. The book itself is a challenge.

Those of you that have read Bob's books know what I mean. His voice is so different from others that sometimes you forget you're reading a magic book. Oh but you are. There are dozens of ideas here. Some of them are cute and surprising puzzles, and some are most definitely not! How about a trick with a waterboarding theme? Not your cup of tea? How about the Holocaust? Still not interested? Let's talk about God, death, vampires, and Internet dating.

To single out one piece that I like the best is an awful task. Bob Neale has a point of view, something most magicians are lacking. Me telling you what the "best" effect is would be like telling you which apple to pick on the tree. You need to taste it for yourself.

In the last five months, I've read this book twice all the way through and paged through individual sections dozens of times. Bob has a wonderful take on how showing someone magic can be a gift. I would say Bob's writings are gifts and he's a national treasure. A gift that keeps on giving. Bob Neale matters.

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Product info for Magic Matters

Author: Robert Neale and Larry Hass
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Manufacturer's Description:

Robert E. Neale is a prolific creator of magic tricks and presentations, which are performed by magicians all over the world. He is also a leading philosopher of magic whose theoretical writings are helping performers better understand the work they do and expand its range to be more interesting, diverse, and meaningful.

In this collection, Bob Neale shares his latest work on both sides of his magical mind. Magic Matters contains over forty new tricks, each one with a fully developed presentation on a wide variety of themes. It also contains eleven theoretical essays on topics central to thinking magicians: for some examples, gift magic, humor, wonder, dark magic, and play.

This remarkable book offers an abundance of riches for people who love magic. Just as the performance of a master magician, it will delight, challenge, and inspire you. You, your magic, and your views about magic will not be unchanged.
Indeed, magic matters!

Pages: 281 - Hardcover with Dustjacket

"If this book doesn't tickle you, you're not feeling.
If this book doesn't annoy you, you're not thinking.
If this book doesn't inspire you, you're not breathing."
- Max Maven

"Bob Neale is a marvel of creative thinking. With all its wonderful tricks and essays, Magic Matters is a book to really savor and enjoy."
-Eugene Burger

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