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Rainmaker Review

August 22nd, 2011 1:25pm
Reviewed by makaplan
The idea is brilliant. Unfortunately it is difficult to impossible to get this set up to dependably, comfortably work. A large heavy piece of apparatus has to be secured and hidden. Difficult but not impossible though some of the included suggestions are unworkable. The piece that delivers the water must be precisely positioned. As you move around a venue the positioning cannot be trusted not to shift and cause failure of the effect.
This is really regrettable because if the effect were dependable, you would have a perfect miracle for any outdoor venue.
Also besides the major problems, there is the minor problem that the battery compartment cover tends to pop off. You can use tape or a rubber band but it is another indication of an idea not yet perfected.
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Author: Peter Loughran
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Manufacturer's Description:

*Warning-contains Explicit Language*


The performer gathers several spectators in a circle of chant, and begins to tell a story of ancient mythology surrounding the Mayan Rain Gods of the past. Engulfing the spectators in world beyond their imagination, the performer brings forth a sacred piece of cloth. The cloth is then unraveled to reveal an ancient artifact stolen from a British museum known as a Rain Stone. By chanting the words Rainmaker 3 times, the Rain Stone was used to summon the great Mayan Rain Gods, such as one known as Chac. By summoning the Rain Gods, ancient civilization was able to save their crops from drought by causing it to mysteriously rain upon their fields.


The performer holds out the ancient stone in his out stretched hands and invites everyone in the circle to touch and keep their fingers on the ancient artifact. Asking everyone to concentrate on the Rain Stone, the performer leads the spectators in an eerie chant, first chanting the name of the Rain God "Chac", then following with the words "Rainmaker" 3 times.

Suddenly the unimaginable begins to happen; raindrops begin to fall from high in the sky, down upon the circle of spectators. As your spectators look up, droplets of water land randomly upon their face and body. The chant is broken, and the rain stops, changing the lives of everyone in the circle.

Important points:

  • The performer has full control over the rain at all times.
  • The performer's hands are in full view at all times during the illusion.
  • Totally safe, and completely harmless.
  • No assistants or stooges, this is a one-man effect.
  • Seconds to step up and ready to go at all times.
  • Automatic reset, and instantly repeatable.
  • Control the amount of rain that falls.
  • Control the time the rain starts and stops.
  • The Rain Stone is completely examinable before and after the effect.
Rainmaker comes complete with the professional apparatus, Rain Stone and a detailed instructional booklet with designer routines.

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