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EZ Add A Number Review

Official Review

August 12th, 2011 2:42pm
Reviewed by Christian
The production quality of this DVD is fair. I do enjoy watching live performances of the material and Nathan does give you that. You get to watch him perform this for a magic lecture. (I would prefer real world performances, but I’ll take what I can get) The live action performance is grainy, shaky, and edited. What does irritate me is that the explanation portion of the DVD is not much better than the live performance. This does not seem like a professional produced DVD.

There are plenty of “Add a Number” routines in the magic world. In fact, there are an overwhelming number of them. So what does this one give you that the others don’t?

His routine is structured for stand up. He uses the back of a business card. Seems a bit small but I’m still on board. To perform this routine, you have to leave the stage and walk around within the audience to collect all the numbers. This is where you lose me. I don’t like to see a performer leave the stage for an extended period of time.

In Nathan’s routine you must walk around and collect all the numbers. This can take some time. Additionally, nothing is going on while you are completing this task. The audience is simply watching you collect numbers on a business card. Boring!

Why am I doing this? No reason is given. It’s a kinda…Hey, hang on and watch this and later it will be cool, routine. There is no premise for this effect on Nathan’s DVD.

There is also, from my perspective, an illogical move (it has something to do with the adding of the numbers) during the routine. If you have real world experience in front of an audience, I think you could work out these bugs. The routine as shown on the DVD has a couple of issues both in method and performance. I just don’t believe this routine is ready for prime time as demonstrated.

On the upside, Nathan does have a double kicker ending. That was nice, even if we don’t know why we predicted these things.

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Product info for EZ Add A Number

Author: Kranzo, Nathan
Publisher: Nathan Kranzo
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $29.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

The easiest Add A Number routine you will ever encounter.
Sacrificing NONE of the entertainment value.

A watch is set to a random time by an audience member.
Several people write down important years in their life.
The numbers are totaled by an audience member.

A comedy "sucker" prediction is revealed for a big laugh.

But then.......they get a kick to the BRAIN when the TIME ON THE watch being held by a spectator matches the EXACT TOTAL!!!

BUT WAIT, there is more. For the finale the EXACT total is revealed by giant numbers that have been placed below the chairs of THREE audience members in the front row. This makes for a final revelation that plays huge.... leaving YOU on stage to get all the applause.

Running Time: Approximately 19mins

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