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The Corner DVD Set (2 DVD Set, Limited) Review

Official Review

July 20th, 2011 10:55am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
This DVD set advertises over thirty impromptu effects. The advertisements are lying. Many of the effects require specific kinds of objects. For example, there is a linking bracelet effect that will only work two certain kinds of bracelets, which may be popular in Asia, but I haven’t seen anyone wearing a bracelet like this in America. Oh, and several of the effects require a PK ring. Um, there may be some debate over what ‘impromptu’ means, but in my book, it means, “Magic you can do on the spur of the moment with borrowed objects when you have no gimmicks or props on you, and you have no time to do any secret set up.” In other words, “Magic that can be done when you forget your PK Ring at home.”

Also, there is this weird effect with a toy ‘egg.’ Let me be clear, this doesn’t look like an egg in it’s shell, it a type of clear goo, with a yellow ball inside as the yolk. This prop looks so disgusting, and the effect involves squeezing and twisting the egg into all these weird contortions. I wanted to barf.

G, the supposed name of the man who is performing on this DVD, is Asian, and doesn’t speak at all during the whole DVD. It’s all to music with text on the screen. There are several typos on the disk, as well as on the DVD case. This could all be simply a translation problem, but the fact that they didn’t take the time to get a translator to double check everything shows their lack of respect to the purchaser.

I’d say about five of the routines, moves and ideas are interesting, and might appeal to many move monkeys, but the packaging, typos, and lies aren’t worth the fifty bucks, no matter how good a small portion of the material is.

Half Star

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Product info for The Corner DVD Set (2 DVD Set, Limited)

Author: G
Publisher: SM Productionz
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $49.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Visual effects are rare, visual AND impromptu effects are hard to come by. From the mind of V2F, WI, and Imagine, G. offers ' 32 ' visual and impromptu effects in a limited release dual disk set... You heard us right! Not one, not five, NOT TEN, but THIRTY-TWO impromptu effect that you can equip yourself for the unprepared moments!

2010 is a special year for G. and Sans Mind productions. To celebrate for this fresh year from 2011, G. and SM have decided to give back to the community. This is a very limited charity release set. The proceed will go to a children's hospital to help the kids in need. There will only be ONE run of this set, once they are out, THEY ARE OUT! (There are only 500 units for worldwide distribution)

This is your chance to peek into G.'s private arsenal. Equip yourself with more than 30 effects with everyday objects you can borrow and perform in unprepared moments. Modern visual magic. Be ready to be inspired by G.'s outside of box thinking. From very simple method based effect to hardcore sleight of hand, a solid variety for performer in all level.

Get it now while you can...

Special thanks to G.'s mentor, Will Tsai, for his generous contribution of 5 incredible impromptu effects as a BONUS (available in this charity set only!)

DVD 1 includes:
  • Deck Production
  • Fire Production
  • Impromptu Straw Split
  • Accessory Flight
  • Shuriken & Machanic Top Shot
  • Visual Drop Change
  • Impromptu Haunted Card
  • Casual Fllick Change
  • Receipt
  • Band Zone
  • Utility Move - Reverse/Change
  • Impromptu Signed Coin Through Case
  • Retention Card Control
  • Easy coin Miracle
  • Budda
  • Psychic Unlock (bonus)
DVD 2 includes:
  • Impromptu Toss Transformation
  • Click Link
  • G Force
  • Borrowed & Link
  • Impromptu Folding Chip
  • Quick Fix
  • Propless Penetration
  • Jumper
  • Rotation Pass
  • Muscular Vanish/Change
  • Egg-Yo
  • Visual Cut Change
  • Psychic Pop
  • Instant Matrix
  • Pearl Change (bopnus)
  • CGI (bonus)
Total Running Time Approximately: 1hr 28min

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