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Mind Mysteries Guide Book Vol. 6 Review

Official Review

July 12th, 2011 3:40pm
Reviewed by Christian
Having a book that goes into a much greater detail about the tricks you enjoyed on a DVD is a very fun idea.

Richard divides the chapters in to two basic parts. A history of the effect and his analysis of his handling. I found the chapters very fun to read. They are thoughtful and if you are interested in adding one of these effects to your show, he has given you much more (than what was on the DVD) to consider. This is an excellent teaching tool for anyone studying the material.

Side note: I would not purchase this book without the DVD. Get the DVD first and if you find the material engaging and interesting then purchase the book.

Some of his analysis is directly related to what happened with the audience on the DVD. You get to hear what he was thinking with the various audience members that came up to help in the show. Other analysis is about his thinking in performing and blocking the trick.

At the end of the book he gives you additional material not associated with the DVD. One in particular was very fun (for me) It is a simple but devastatingly surprising card trick.

Easily worth the 30 clams.

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Author: Osterlind, Richard
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No pipe dreams, no drawn-out complex material, and no nonsense. Just clean, direct and useful knowledge. Once again, Richard Osterlind does it as simple as possible...but no simpler!"
-from the Foreword by Sven Rygh

Guide Book 6 is here and it's better than ever!

After a two-year wait, Richard Osterlind's Mind Mysteries Guidebook 6 is now ready and is filled with even more of the same kind of incredible information you have come to expect! These insights go so much farther into the workings of Richard's mind than the DVDs alone! This is GOLD!

Learn what makes The Amazing Memory Demonstration play so well!

Discover the true history of Clip Line Deluxe and why all the little details are so important!

Find out how Richard manages to segue into a hypnotic suggestion test in Multiple Key Bending and turn this routine into one of the strongest demonstrations of telekinesis ever!

Get insights and variations into the wonderful Steno ESP along with how and why Richard developed this great routine!

The book also contains the history and analysis of the other marvelous routines on Volume 6: Miracle Flying Cards, Spirit Writing on Card (along with controlling fire!), Coin Snatch, Original Inside Out and the hilarious Out of Hand!

Each chapter is like having a private lesson with Richard teaching you invaluable lessons in stagecraft! Professionals everywhere have lauded this series!

In addition to all the material from the DVD, you will also find another bonus section called, "A Various Collection of Oddities and Stunts Suitable and Unsuitable for Some and All..." These extra five chapters contain exceptionally weird and wonderful material!

You'll almost certainly find the latest volume in the Guide Book series to be a most worthy addition to this groundbreaking series.

Pages: 121 - 5.5" x 8.5" - Softcover - Perfectbound - Black and white photos

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