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Million Dollar Card Secrets Review

Official Review

October 29th, 2013 1:35am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
Wow, not a more perfect song could be playing while I write this review. Never again (Never Again by Kelly Clarkson, just happens to be playing right now) will I buy a DVD from Magic Makers. I've heard all the rumors about Magic Makers, and I even have a personal friend who claimed that Rob Stiff (From Magic Makers) ripped him off. I'm taking my friend's word for it, but I'm still open minded to the possibility that it was just a misunderstanding. Of course, there are all the rumors about Stiff making videos of other people's magic without permission or credit. Well I don't know about the permission portion, but based on this DVD, the crediting rumors appear to be true.

What you get for $35.00 is a collection of other people's routines with new names performed in the most annoying manner possible. Watching Simon Lovell perform the effects with absolutely no presentation was extremely difficult. Additionally, it really felt like he was just sort of walking through the routine rather than performing it. It truly is one of the worst DVDs I've ever watched - and I've literally watched thousands of DVDs.

To add insult to injury, you'll find that many times Lovell very slightly modified the effect; thus making it worse than its original. Then to add whatever you add when you've already got insult and injury, one of the "tricks" is called "The Double Lift Trick" where Lovell does . . . well . . . a double lift. And his presentation is "look . . . turn two cards as one."

It was ridiculous. His interaction with the camera was annoying. Though he assumes you don't know what a double lift is, he does assume that you know what Ambitious Card is. This is evidenced by the boatload of Ambitious Card moves that he just shows you as separate effects. He doesn't explain what Ambitious Card is, and the moves (though he claims they're amazing) are mostly weak and truly lame.

I'm sorry gang, but I just cannot recommend this on any level. If you want a truly solid set of DVDs that does what I think Simon Lovell was trying to do, get the Michael Ammar Easy To Master Card Miracles DVDs. The material on there is much better, and Ammar is an incredible teacher and the effects are properly credited and used with permission.

Final Verdict . . . 0 stars with a Stone Status of COMPLETE AND UTTER RUBBLE!

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Author: Simon Lovell
Publisher: Magic Makers
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Go inside with the "Million Dollar Magician" Simon Lovell. Simon shares more than 30 card tricks and secrets that will put you in a class above the rest. The card tricks are so secret we can’t list them! As an added bonus Simon shares his Ambitious Card Secrets to further enhance your Million Dollar Experience! An essential DVD!

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