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Mental Epic Compendium Review

Official Review

April 27th, 2012 11:24am
Reviewed by Christian
This is awesome. Of course, I am a sucker for compilations of material. This is an entire book on the mental epic. If you like this will love this book.

Many full blown, no holds barred, routines explained in this book. Ideas with the standard board and without. Simply look at the list of contributors . . . that alone should propel you to purchase this book.

I made it only about one third of the way through the book the first time before I started thinking and writing down ideas and concepts that I would like to use this board for. The amount of information is almost overwhelming.

One of the best books for 2011.

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Author: Romhany, Paul
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Manufacturer's Description:

Mental Epic is one the most powerful effects in the mentalist's repertoire. Compiled and edited by Paul Romhany, Mental Epic Compendium, is packed with over fifty-four routines and ideas for this classic effect. Hen Fetsch invented the board in 1954, and over the past five decades it has undergone many different variations, however most magicians and mentalists still own an original Hen Fetsch board.

This book covers routines for the standard Mental Epic prop and it’s modern variations, as well as One-Ahead routines that can be performed close-up and impromptu using post-it notes, business cards and index cards.

Contributors include:
Banachek, Kenton Knepper, Bob Cassidy, Larry Becker, Dan Garrett, Kostya Kimlat, Sean Taylor, Richard Webster, Bev Bergeron, Alan Shaxon, TC Tahoe, David Regal, Gerard, James Biss, Danny Archer, Bill Abbott, Paul Alberstat, Whit Haydn, Patrick Kuffs, Vanni Pule, E Raymond Carlyle, Tony Binarelli, Mick Ayres, David Seebach, Professor Spellbinder, Bob Tripp, Hal Spear, John T Sheets, Dr. Bill Cushman, Rob Domenech, Ken Dyne, Charles Gauci, Dave Lord, Nathan Grange, Wayne Rogers, David J O'Connor, Ken Ring, Adrian Saw, Jonathan Royle, Christopher Berry, Jheff. Bill Cushman, Chuck Hickok, Peter Arcane and several routines by Paul Romhany

The Mental Epic Compendium is the definitive work on this classic of magic and mentalism, and is destined to become a classic in mentalism literature!

“You only have to look at the list of contributors to know this book is special. I’m thrilled to find that they all love this effect as much as I do. I don’t think a book paying so much attention to a single effect has ever been published before.” Richard Webster

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