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Tearify Newspaper Mindreading Review

Official Review

May 31st, 2012 9:18am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
This is without a doubt one of the top three WORST DVDs I’ve ever received for review. It should be called TEARible. The method is terrible, the performance is terrible, the explanation is terrible, and the footage shot is terrible. The menu is ok because it’s a standard menu when you make a DVD on a MAC, and the DVD case is ok.

The actual effect looks so unfair, that while watching it for the first time with fellow reviewer David Parr, we each came up with about 4 different methods before going on to the explanation. We had no idea which method he was really using, because we saw several unfair moments that would be telegraphing every single one of the methods we suggested. We mentioned everything from bottom dealing the pieces, to second dealing the pieces, to ringing in duplicate pieces, to switching pieces.

The footage shot of the performance is awful. It’s footage of Kranzo in a small theater for what sounds like 10 people. The picture isn’t clear because it’s being a shot with a video camera from the back of the room, a problem with most videos of live theater. The image is so unfocused you can’t even read the prediction board at the end of the routine. His voice is also a little unclear because we hear him over the sound system. This would all normally be forgivable, but it just shows laziness in this case.

The effect is that he and a spectator tear up a sheet of newspaper, and the pieces are gathered, while he lets some fall to the floor. A number is named by a spectator, and the pieces are counted off by the mental magician, who then hands them the piece they ‘selected’ and asks them to think of a word on the tiny piece of paper. He then undersells the effect by first ‘reading their mind’ which is dumb because he was JUST holding the piece they stopped at ten seconds ago, and because it kills the prediction aspect a second later when he shows he actually predicted the word. Why would anyone do this when the Koran Newspaper Test looks so clear and so fair? Kranzo’s version is so obvious, that there is no way Koran even considered this handling while working on his original effect.

Nathan Kranzo is then dressed in a hoodie and winter hat while sitting at his laptop going over the history of newspaper tests, and then gives the explanation. Oh, and his head is out of the shot for the entire explanation. Really, his head is chopped off and we barely see his face the entire time. Any rational human being would look at this camera footage, cringe, and make sure it never sees the light of day. I can’t believe the idea of re-shooting any of this never came to mind.

It’s clear that Kranzo is not concerned for creating a quality product. This is a mess from beginning to end, and cuts every corner. This product is not worth the two dollars it costs to produce, let alone the list price of twenty-five dollars. I try not to tell those reading what to do, I try to give my opinion and let you make your own decision, but please trust me in this case. There are dozens of newspaper predictions out there, so look around and pick up any one BUT this one.

Half Star

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Product info for Tearify Newspaper Mindreading

Author: Kranzo, Nathan
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Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The classic Newspaper Test stripped down to its bare essentials. Done with NO GAFFS, GIMMICKS or extras. No math, no thinking other than presentation.

A page freely chosen from a newspaper is torn into dozens of pieces. ONE piece is selected. ONE WORD is thought of on EITHER SIDE of the piece of paper.

You then slowly reveal their thoughts with 100% percent accuracy. Or for those Too Perfect Theory guys 85% accuracy if you'd like. It is under you complete control.

On this DVD Nathan Kranzo will take you through the history of the Newspaper Test starting with work from over 100 years ago to present date.

You see Nathan perform the effect at a theater for real people. You will learn his incredibly simple method that has fooled many.

You need no extra papers or any gimmicks at all. You can be handed any paper and perform it naked.

Nothing added, nothing taken away. A blockbuster classic effect. STRONG MENTALISM made simple.

For the first time Kranzo Teaches the Leech Newspaper/Magazine Test.
This impromptu test destroys people and you'll want to perform it for the rest of your life.

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