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Spectre Review

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April 29th, 2011 1:30pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Spectre doesn't make any effort to hide that it's basically just a Glorpy made from a bandanna. And that's exactly what you get in the package, along with an instructional DVD. In fact, the DVD opens with the two creators strongly disclaiming any claim of originality, which is a nice touch, although they only give general credit to others. If you're new to magic you'd be well served by tracking down the tricks and authors they mention. It's a shame they don't really help you in this regard.

So is a bandanna-style Glorpy a good idea? I suppose so, if you're the type of person who would feel funny about using a handkerchief instead. I'm an avid fan of Glorpy, and have logged some performance time with one, so I was a little thrown off by the much larger size of the bandanna. In my opinion, it's not optimal, but I suppose it wouldn't be long before I got used to it.

You should know this is somewhat of an assemble-it-yourself project. This allows the bandanna to function in other capacities, such as a ring vanishing handkerchief. That'a a nice bonus, but unfortunately the bandanna I received was incorrectly made and won't work this way. In fact, I'd be nervous about using it as Glorpy because of the flaw. (It's missing a key piece of stitching that is specifically pointed out a few times on the DVD.)

The DVD is pretty good, with decent sound and lighting. There are points, however, when it's impossible to see what they're talking about. A close-up certainly would have helped instead of just pointing and clumsily describing what they clearly know is too small to be seen by the tripod-mounted camera. If you're an experienced magician, there's not much on the DVD that will be new to you, but it's not unpleasant to watch.

Here's the bottom line. Bandannas are cheap, and the material they supply so you can gimmick the one they give you costs just pennies. (They even say this on the DVD when discussing where to get replacement parts.) The DVD doesn't give you any information or routines that are particularly unique or original. Even being generous and ignoring that the review unit was incorrectly made, I still think Spectre is overpriced. But if you're new to magic, and in love with the idea of an animated handkerchief that fits your personal style, you won't be disappointed, just poorer.

Product info for Spectre

Author: Amir Latif & Spidey
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $40.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

"Say goodbye to your Glorpies, Spectre is fresh, practical and a great piece of magic."
- Richard Sanders

Imagine having the ability to perform a wide range of visually ASTONISHING effects using an everyday, common ordinary looking object that fits in your back pocket!

Spectre is a completely ordinary looking handkerchief which can create strange, ghostlike manifestations that can be presented as telekinetic abilities or supernatural phenomena. Also, the gimmick can be removed and the bandana can be used as a device that will VANISH any small object in the hands of a spectator.

With Spectre, you can perform all your favorite routines which use a gimmicked "spirit" handkerchief effect with a whole bunch of additional advantages such as:
Modern looking bandana
Can fold up and fit into a small pocket
Removable gimmick
Vanish coins
Vanish bills
Vanish rings
and many more...
Normally in order to do the effects that Spectre allows you to do, you would have to purchase 4 different hankies which look old and outdated.

Spectre is a modern utility device with ENDLESS possibilities!

Running Time Approximately: 45min

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