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Psychokinetic Silverware Review

March 3rd, 2003 11:46pm
Reviewed by Bizzaro.
Have you ever wanted to be Uri Geller? Well me either. I like to get dates. However, you can at least pretend to be as cool with flatware as he claims to be.

Steve Shaw (AKA:Banachek. Wasn't that the guy with the bird in that cop show? Oh wait wrong 70's show.) has made a considerable living with the "power of his mind." In this tape he will teach you how to bend, twist, and break contraband resturaunt spoons with your mind. (Along with some other appendages too.)

Along for the ride is Banachek's happy sidekick, Gerry. I don't know who this guy is, but you will get the sense that three minutes into the performance ol' Steve wants to stab a bent fork in this guys skull. Despite all of this, they teach you how to bend not only the tines of a fork, but also the fork itself. Even in the spectators hands. How to make a fork twist itself around. (Worth the full price of the tape for this ONE bit.) As well as my fave, breaking it in half with your MIND!!! (Insert creepy theramin sounds here.)

These are closely guarded secrets, but since you can find them about anywhere, Banachek decided to put out a video and make some cash off of it. Since this video is well worth having beacuse you can do it ANYWHERE they belive in eating utensils, (Except for chinese food resturaunts obviously. Bending a wooden chopstick just ain't as impressive.), go buy it for sure.

Just stay away from the plastic stuff too. No one cares.. trust me. Now if only we could find a metal spork.. hmmmmm....

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Product info for Psychokinetic Silverware

Author: Gerry & Banachek
Publisher: Murphy's Magic
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

If you really could bend metal with your mind, Psychokinetic Silverware is exactly how it would look. You’ll see cold, hard steel melt like butter–bending, twisting, breaking and moving seemingly on its own, even in a spectator’s hand.

Banachek’s metal bending is so amazing and so realistic that he has often been accused of being and doing “the real thing.” In fact, after studying Banachek’s metal bending the McDonnell Laboratory for Psychic Research proudly announced to the scientific community that they had discovered someone with genuine psychic abilities. The National Inquirer and other media have also heralded Banachek’s psychokinetic talents.

On this videotape, Gerry and Banachek finally reveal the real secrets to these amazing routines. Not only will you get to see how everything looks in performance, you’ll also learn the real inside work, the fine points and psychology of metal bending. These are secrets which have have been very tightly guarded...until now.

Approximate Running Time: 75 Minutes

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