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April 10th, 2011 8:25am
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I love compilations. If they're done right, you get the best of the best from a lot of different people. And there's usually something for everyone. That's certainly the case with this DVD.

The teaching is clear and easy to follow. Thankfully, you won't be wasting your time watching the newest Final Cut animations and transitions. You'll find material in many styles, from hard-core card magic to mentalism. There are full routines as well as work on specific moves.

Here's a quick overview of the contents.

The Self Bending Straw. It is exactly what the name says. Think of spoon bending routine done with a straw, except that the bend happens visually and in real time. Very cool and easy to do.

Circle Vanish. If you're doing stand-up coin work (Three Fly, Hanging Coins, etc.), you'll definitely want to check out this vanish. If you're doing coin magic down at crotch level, maybe you should reconsider your visual frame.

Two rope and ring moves. Two lovely moves for a ring (a large one, not a finger ring) and rope routine.

Memoradix. If Marlo's material is too easy for you, give this a shot. Only for advanced card workers.

The Real Green Shuffle. This is an excellent false riffle shuffle. It looks absolutely legit and shouldn't be too hard for most card workers.

Sleeveless Sleeving. An introduction to Johan's work on sleeving.

Sleeveless and Purseless. An application of Johan's work that's not covered on his Sleeveless Sleeving DVD. Imagine the wand-from-purse with a purse frame and pen.

Forced Will. An impromptu triple prediction that can be done with any three objects. Short, sweet and to-the-point.

JS Card Control, Double Lift and Top Change. Joachim Solberg's work on three classic card moves. They're really small touches, but worth watching for any serious student of card magic.

Cherry Blossom. A surreal bar trick that only works for one or two people (or a camera). You pop a cherry from a cocktail into your mouth, swallow it, and then spit out a bottle with the cherry inside.

Suction. A table lifting routine with a great faux explanation.

Ace Routine. Knuckle-busting card magic at its best. A nice four-ace production and vanish routine with a kicker ending where the entire deck vanishes.

Display Bend. A short spoon bending routine that's very direct and has an unexpected and thought-provoking ending.

Retention Pass. Goshman's sponge ball vanish applied to a coin, with touches from Micke Askernas.

Redneck Remedy. A multiplying bottle sequence with some moves you've probably never seen before.

Gap Drive. A coin transfer move that'll take some practice to master, but could come in very handy.

Clink Catch. A bar stunt turns into a multiple-coin vanish.

Time After Time. Three cards are selected by three people and returned to the deck. Each of the three people has a chance to mix the cards. In the end, each person finds their own card.

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Author: Magic by Sweden
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Manufacturer's Description:

Ten inventors and performers of magic took siege of the magic bar in Stockholm to record project 21, but it proved impossible to hold a strong fort against the proprietor who opened the doors and laymen flooded the premises. Could they continue their secret work, just a few feet away from the unsuspecting guests? The following takes place between 10 am and 11 pm:

Axel Adlercreutz
The Self Bending Straw - A drinking straw bends by itself as you hold it lightly.
Circle Vanish - A very visual coin vanish.
Two rope & ring moves - Fast, clean and super visual linking and unlinking of a ring and rope.

Erik Nordvall
Memoradix - After three increasingly impossible card locations, the deck ends up in new deck order.
The Real Green Shuffle - Lennart Green's false riffle shuffle with Erik"s addition.

Johan Ståhl
Sleeveless Sleeving - A pen appears, disappears, appears and transforms, a crash course in sleeving!
Sleeveless & Purseless - Bonus sleeving.

Jonas Ljung
Forced Will - An impromptu prediction of how the spectator will place random objects on the table.

Joachim Solberg
JS Card Control, Double Lift and Top Change, adapted into three short and powerful card tricks.

Anders Modén
Cherry Blossom - Not suitable at the dinner table. Regurgitation, sort of...
Suction - Impromptu, designed for dinner seatings.

Tim Star
Ace routine - Includes Ace Production, the Turnover Muck Switch, Vanishing Aces, the Breakaway Case.

Micke Askernäs
Display Bend - Cheeky and visual spoonbending.
Askernas Retention Pass - Utility coin vanish.

Tom Stone
Redneck Remedy - An innovative twist on the multiplying bottles.
Gap Drive - You will love to practise this magician fooler.
Clink Catch - An eyecatching stunt. Start with coins, turn them into anything you like.

Tomas Blomberg
Time After Time - An amazing principle. Three spectators, a shuffled deck and a series of random events leading to three impossible card revelations that will probably even fool the performer.


"I have rarely enjoyed watching a magic DVD as much as this one. The productions values are top-notch, the setting is elegant, the inventors are charming and well-rehearsed, and the material is of an extremely high quality."
- Gordon Bean

"Ten of Scandinavias most clever and talented magicians demonstrate and teach their magic on this new DVD. This is creative, energetic and visual magic in a beautifully produced DVD, highly recommended."
- Matthew Field, Editor, The Magic Circular

"Watch out for the latest invasion from Scandinavia! Fortunately it is just excellent magic, very well executed. A Smorgasbord of Magic - it"s their specialty."
- Roberto Giobbi

"Do yourself a favor and get 21! Twen-ty-one, Twen-ty-one!"
- Bill-Ma-lone

"Refresh your perspective, recharge your attitude, and let the Lateral Thinking and novel approaches expand your consciousness! 21 does what creative works are supposed to do: inspire, guide, teach, satisfy, and make your magic new."
- Jon Racherbaumer

"Creativity is certainly alive and well in Sweden! The thoughts that popped into my head as I watched were - Wow! This is excellent! Great thinking! Got me again! How cool is that! My two word recommendation - "Buy it!"
- Mike Powers

"These DVDs have something for everyone - great bar gags, great close-up ideas, great stage magic ideas."
- Allan Ackerman

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