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Stone Frixion Fire Review

Official Review

January 5th, 2011 10:24am
Reviewed by Christian
This DVD is devoted entirely to the Frixion pens. Frixion pens are erasable ink pens and the bonus being that the ink is also heat sensitive. The allows for some very interesting possibilities.

The DVD is well shot and simple to follow. It has a very basic format as Jeff shows his friends the basic effect and then explains it. Nothing fancy or cutting edge in the production or layout but it works very well for the purposes of this DVD.

This DVD is brainstorming at its best. Jeff gives you a plethora of ideas for uses with this pen. Halfway through the DVD, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with the amount of ideas that flowed from his mind. The tricks that Jeff shows you are not fully scripted, ready to go, perfect routines. What they are, is fully formed “ideas” that allow you to imprint them onto your own performing persona and develop some very entertaining presentations of your own.

I have seen some magicians perform a frixion pen routine in the past and it did not excite me at all. Because of this, I simply passed on the idea of a frixion pen. However, after watching this DVD, I have changed my mind. There is some clever stuff on this DVD.

Restaurant workers will find this DVD well worth the money as there are many routines that you could easily drop into your set for those repeat customers. The DVD was fun to watch and I especially enjoyed the thinking behind “Burning Time”: A borrowed, signed matchbook goes back in time.

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Product info for Stone Frixion Fire

Author: Stone, Jeff
Publisher: Jeff Stone
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Based on the Best Selling e-book, comes the Stone Frixion Fire DVD!

The Stone Frixion Fire DVD (Watch the Trailer Now!) creates a smokin' hot combination! The Stone Frixion Fire e-book was wildly popular and now comes the DVD! Join Jeff and members of his creative team as the e-book's effects (plus many more!) are brought to life. Jeff devotes extensive time to explaining the uses of Frixion pens and all the little touches needed to wield these powerful, yet innocent-looking tools!

From simple revelations to quirky little effects you'd never have imagined, Jeff pulls out all the stops.

Plus...more bonus material than you can shake a fire extenguisher at! Tired of doing the same old stuff? Heat up your performances with Stone Frixion Fire today!

When the Frixion pen first came to my attention, my team and I came up with a ton of killer ideas for the pen...Heat sensitive ink...a beautiful tool for the magi. From our brainstorming, experimenting and playing came Stone Frixion Fire, my best selling e-book.

No product I've release has even come close ...The printed version is the top seller at my lectures, and the electronic version continues to be the number one product here at Stone Cold Magic. Multiple reorders from wholesalers can't be wrong. Well it's gone from outline to script to production to edit to replication to HERE!

This DVD is destined to be a record breaker. Thanks to many, many, many friends and magic consultants, this DVD is PACKED with a ton of killer material. Plus you get the E-Book For FREE with the DVD. Plus you get access to a secret website with even more ideas!*

The effects on the DVD fall into every skill level and just about every genre of close up magic you can imagine. There is something for EVERYONE on this DVD

Included with the DVD:

  • Free Access to a Secret Site with even more bonus material*
  • Free copy of the original e-book that started it all
  • 45 minutes of bonus footage
  • Brief History of Frixion Magic
  • 17 effects and ideas:

    • Burnin' Time - "Unburn" a book of matches with no switches
    • You Won't Believe Your Eyes - A classic from Norman Ashworth brought into the 21st century
    • Rubik's Cubin - Solve a Rubik's cube drawing with fire and magic!
    • The Evanesence effect(s) - Cause a drawing to vanish and become a physical object
    • Money to Burn - create real money in a flash of fire
    • Cornered - Fuse a torn playing card with fire!
    • Droppin' The Bomb - Create a real mini-Rubik's cube in a flash of fire
    • Bacteria - Trained bacteria? Yep...
    • ...and sooooooooooo much more!
* NOTE: Secret Site info is printed on face of the DVD, NOT on a card as stated in the video clip.


"I dove into the [Frixion] DVD a little bit last night. Awesome stuff, man ...Very well put together and thought out ...I just love the "review" of past peoples' work with Frixion pens ...that was good ...gobs of good bonus material ...whatever you charge won't be enough!!"
- Paul Budd

"Jeff Stone's new 'Frixion' dvd features an entire world of ideas and will undoubtedly inspire many viewers to create their own exciting variations. Very fun stuff!"
- Jay Sankey

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