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Roentgen Box Review

March 4th, 2003 12:01am
Reviewed by Bizzaro.
Working at a magic shop I have access to a lot of magic paraphernalia. (I say this as magic is like a drug to most.. and let's face it, drugs would be cheaper.) I get to see good, bad, new, old, and some crap in between.

Here lies some of the middle of the road crapola. Sure the idea is great, but don't we have enuff damn lemme tell you what it is in the goofy box thing? Why aren't you using this great "power" to do real work somewhere? Do you really need this big metal die to do it. I have a real one here can you do it with this? Sadly no...

Ahem.. This trick, right out of the box, does exactly what it sez. However after a while, it stops working. No matter how much you do the "something" you have to do to make it work. Time for a trade in. How about that trick with the brass die instead? Or the plastic one? Ooh look!! ESP cards.

Can we do something that makes sum damn sense please? Good ideas aside, you can fool anyone with a center tear and it's a lot cheaper too.

But hey, someone must be buying this crap right? It wouldn't be out there otherwise...


Product info for Roentgen Box

Author: Fiedler, Lubor
Publisher: Magic Effex
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

A small plastic box is handed to a spectator. After it’s examined, the magician shows an aluminum die that fits snugly into the box. The spectator is instructed to turn his back and place any value face-up in the box and close it with the accompanying lid. Having done so, the box is then placed back onto the magician’s outstretched hand.

Looking at the box, as if discerning something about its content, the magician hands the box back to the spectator and immediately names the correct number. The effect can even be repeated again and again, leaving no clue as to the secret. One could only believe that like Superman, the magician has X-Ray Vision.

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