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A Life In Magic - From Then Until Now Vol.3 Review

Official Review

January 14th, 2011 10:02am
Reviewed by Christian
I will review all three DVDs with this one review as I believe that these DVDs are meant to be purchased as a set.

There are probably a great deal of American magicians who have no idea who Wayne Dobson is, and that should be rectified by these DVDs. Wayne Dobson was an enigmatic performer in England during the 1980’s and 90’s. He had a successful television series during the 90’s before he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Today, although bound by a wheelchair he still creates magic and mayhem at various magic conventions.

These DVDs are a look back at his career, showing excerpts from his television performances, demonstrating some of his tricks, and explaining how to perform them. He his assisted by Matthew Dowden, Mark James, and Michael Fitch, who will also perform the effects in a live environment and they will also help with the explanations.

The tricks are all good, as you might expect from a top working professional. What I find to be really fun are the stories and teach ins on subjects that many times get overlooked. Wayne talks about methods for selecting volunteers from the audience. This can be unbelievably valuable information to any working magician.

Wayne’s style was comedic and fast. His ability to connect with his audience is legendary. You will find it difficult not to laugh out loud as Wayne can turn any situation into surreal comedy fun with his disembodied voices.

Since all the tricks on the DVDs are solid and fun, I can’t really give you the one or two that spoke to me. I almost think that would be unfair anyway, since we all have different styles and personalities. I can say, I think you will thoroughly enjoy these DVDs as you sit back, watch and laugh with them.

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Product info for A Life In Magic - From Then Until Now Vol.3

Author: Dobson, Wayne, RSVP; Dowden, Matthew; James, Mark
Publisher: RSVP - Russ Stevens
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Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Rsvpmagic are very proud to release this 3 DVD set by our long time friend Wayne Dobson. This is without doubt our largest project to date with all three DVDs running in at just under SIX HOURS in length, featuring some 17 routines that can now be performed in either stage, parlour or close-up situations.


INVISIBLE DECK - Wayne's favorite version of the invisible deck routine. NO SPECIAL DECK and easy to do!

CONTINUOUS DO AS I DO - Wayne's take on the Pat Page routine, described on DVD for the first time. Uses two regular decks.

THE CRYING GAME - Watch Wayne's classic TV version and then enjoy Matthew J. Dowden's brand new routine "The Card in Fortune Cookie" using the same principle in a close-up setting. SUPERB!

SECOND CHANCE - A brilliant effect using two decks of cards, that you can make up yourself in a few minutes. Baffling, strong magic that's easy to do!

ACAAN ALMOST - Wayne's take on the Any Card At Any Number plot. Simple and works every time.

MARKED PHENOMENA - A real worker that will have a place in your working set.

Bonus Material includes:


Running Time Approximately: 2hrs

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