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Challenge Magic Review

Official Review

February 8th, 2011 10:26am
Reviewed by Christian
I had bought this Video back in the early nineties when it was in VHS tape format. I liked it then. I am happy that it has been released as a DVD. Why? Because there is some good stuff on this video.

The next question will be . . . did it survive the years? Does it look good compared to today’s DVDs? The answer: No . . . and yes.

Of course it does not have the polished look and feel that current DVDs have. That was not possible back then. Heck, you were lucky just to be able to put together a decent video shoot and get it on tape for a reasonable price back then. Today you have super fast computers, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro all for a reasonable price. You just can’t compare the video quality, it’s not really fair.

However, the content is still solid. There are some very workable pieces on this DVD. Read the advertisement carefully as there are some items on the DVD that are performance only. There is plenty of material on the DVD that is explained. Considering that many DVDs produced today are $30 for one effect, this is quite the bargain at $24.95.

With an interesting mix of both mentalism and magic effects, I think most students of the mystery arts will have fun watching and learning from this DVD.

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Product info for Challenge Magic

Author: Osterlind, Richard
Publisher: Sisti & Osterlind
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Richard Osterlind's Challenge Magic, first released in 1990, was a landmark video in many ways. In addition to being twice as long as most magic videos of the day, it was also much less expensive. It set the trend for reasonably-priced instructional videos for the magic and mentalism fraternities.

Now, after 20 years, Challenge Magic is being re-released in DVD format, digitally enhanced and chaptered for ease in navigation. Although much of this material was revisited by Richard in later releases, this recording still has a wonderful freshness and features a number of certain handlings that are unique and can be found nowhere else. Not only is this recording a classic piece of long-unavailable magic history, but it contains some of the finest close-up and stage magic and mentalism ever released. Now you can own the special 20th Anniversary edition at a very special price.

Featured effects include:

INSIDE OUT - A dollar bill turns itself inside out right at the tips of your fingers, 4 times! The effect is stunning and this DVD is the only place it can be found. This, alone, is worth the price of the whole recording!

SWEET AND LOW - This is Richard's classic routine that has been in the repertoires of top magicians for over 20 years! This is the original recording that started it all and the original handling which is performed only here.

VIEWED ESP PREDICTION - This is one of the few predictions in history where the audience can see it coming true! Larry Becker raved about this one!

PREDICT-TAC-TOE - Although Richard featured a later version of this effect on his Mind Mysteries series, this first version may be the strongest of any! Not only is the game itself predicted, but much more! This is a winner you will use all the time.

MIRACLE FLYING CARDS - See this famous routine performed right under the noses of the spectators in a close-up scenario! This recording is the only place you will see it done like this!

OUT OF HAND - This was the first, and still the best, version of the 6 card repeat using a poker theme for the entire presentation! Not only is the effect the best, but every move is entirely logical and, on top of all that, it is the easiest to do! You won't believe how clean this looks!

LINKING FINGER RINGS - See this routine actually performed for a real paying audience! And then see the most clear and concise instructions ever for its faultless performance!

COIN IN THE BOTTLE - Many have questioned how effective Richard's version is. Now you can see it performed live at a Tannen's Jubilee. You will see some of the top magicians of all time, such as The Amazing Randi and Timothy Wenk, completely astounded by this!

ULTRA BOARD - This is the only place you can see Richard's incredible one-on-one handling of the Ultra Board! This is possibly the most visible, direct and impressive prediction ever! It's like a stage size swami and can be seen performed only here! If you own an Ultra Board, you can do this!

GLASS OF WATER PRODUCTION - Again, this is something you can only see here! The classic routine is streamlined and the huge glass is produced from a bag ½ the size of a normal shopping bag! It looks incredible and is easily worth the 20 dollars alone!

BREAKTHROUGH CARD SYSTEM - For those who use the system, this explains Richard's shortcuts for working the math at an amazing speed. Although this material was revisited in later books and videos, to see Richard explain it firsthand is priceless!

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH LINK - This routine will make you want to run out and find a spring! Richard shows so many variations of his pet effect that it quickly moves from the realm of a puzzle to an amazing piece of magic! This is the only place to see all of the amazing moves developed performed by Richard!

CARD PRODUCTION - Again, this is worth the price of the whole DVD! This card production looks sensational! It can be done, anytime and anywhere with a normal deck of cards! It looks so good you would think it would take years of practice, but anyone can learn it in one evening!

RADAR DECK - See the original routine where only one question is asked! For those who know Richard's effect, this will open up a whole new insight into this classic.

STAINLESS STEEL BLINDFOLD - This shows an entirely new way to perform a blindfold routine where the climax comes after the blindfold is removed! It is modern, direct and streamlined for maximum impact!

Running Time: Approximately 1hr 50mins

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