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Zone Infinity Review

September 21st, 2010 7:08am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
This is yet another effect which has been on the market for awhile, is reliable and done at a moments notice-but, has not been reviewed here.
Like many of Tenyo's items which I do not own, this looks like a magic prop.
I mean, noone walks around with a drawer/case that accommodates one single quarter, but, it becomes acceptable ( I think) once people know that I am a magician-and occasionally carry props around that the average person won't.
The illusion itself is highly effective, the method subtle and easy to perform. I consider this an enhancement to what I already carry, which are keys-rather than a normal key chain, I use this, and can perform a trick at anytime. Same as carrying other objects that have a normal function, but also double as magical effects.This is like a miniature version of swords through cabinet with a person in it-but in miniature. How the circle and square are configured make it look impossible for the quarter to be hidden somewhere else in the case. After performing this trick, I go into a routine with two quarters-or, sometimes I 'll use this after such a routine. I think it's a clever pocket illusion, and well worth having.

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Publisher: Tenyo
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A borrowed quarter is placed into a small holder at the end of a key chain. The holder is inserted into a frame. Then, the key is pushed right through the center of the coin. Metal through metal. The coin is then removed and shown unharmed.

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