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August 9th, 2010 5:38pm
Reviewed by Jeff McBride
This is my first introduction to Alex and Jonathan, and I am looking forward to seeing both of these guys live one day. They offer almost three hours of content, for a reasonable price. Almost every effect is within the range of an intermediate sleight of hand enthusiast. Alex and Jonathan take turns on this video in a tag-team sort of format.

Effect #1 "Local" is a new twist on an old trick. The magical appearance of match sticks from an apparently empty match box. It’s a quickie, like many of the items on this video. Alex briskly performs the effect, then tips the details. Local is an impromptu trick that fits real world conditions. In fact, most of the items on these videos are shot in real world situations, with no polishing or editing, which is refreshing these days in an era of post-production sweetening.

Effect #2 "Between the Backpalms" is Jonathan’s presentation of a close-up card effect that utilizes the backpalm. This versatile technique is rarely used today in close-up magic, and you will see that it has many undiscovered applications.

Effect #3 "4our" is a four ace production, with a new move for all of you move-monkeys out there. The camera shot sort of misses the magic on this one.

Effect #4 "Coin Mint" is a coin to impossible location, with a good explanation and credits. It’s fast, like of the material on this production. I personally like effects that involve Listerine strips because these are something that I actually carry with me on a regular basis.

Effect #5 "Papermate"- variations on Gregory Wilson’s “Recap” routine, shown near the front door of a house, includes a nifty pen to straw effect.

Effect #6 Jonathan returns with "AKT 1." This is an ace-to-kings transposition in a club setting, with no patter. The light is a little low, but you will get the idea, and ideas are what AM/PM is all about.

Effect #7 "Domino Effect" struck me as a very good addition to this collection… A copper-silver effect with sweet and low packets.

Effect #8 "Cash Back" - Jonathan deals with a rowdy audience member, but delivers a power-punch of magic. Many of the items that Jonathan performs are presented in rough-and-tumble environments for not-so-polite audiences.

Effect #9 "Arson" deals with burning the back of a card.

Effect #10 "Under and Out" - Jonathan’s card vanish. The center focus of this scene seems to be a cup of cigarette butts, and some of the action happens out of frame. A clever card vanish that you will most likely want to add to your repertoire.

Overall, this is a varied collection of fast novelty magic. I enjoyed the sincerity and real world feel of the production. I could see many of these items as magazine offerings that would fit nicely in a Linking Ring parade, or Joshua Jay’s column in MAGIC. Jonathan and Alex may do well to get more exposure to readers in these magazines than by putting out a DVD. Both of these guys are relatively unknown in the mainstream magic community. I hope to see more of them and their work in magazines, books and upcoming DVD offerings.

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Product info for AM/PM

Author: Jonathan Price and Alex Pandrea
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Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Jonathan Price and Alex Pandrea are two of New York's greatest underground magicians. In AM/PM they show you what real magic looks like, with 10 incredible original effects developed with real-world venues in mind. Alex and Jon use everyday props such as cards, money, sugar packets, pens, and matches to achieve stunning results.

AM/PM provides you with an arsenal of jaw-dropping magic. A mix of fully-routined magic and quick visual effects gives you the tools you need to perform successfully in any kind of venue.

Join Alex and Jonathan as they hit the streets of New York City to perform their hard-hitting magic in front of live audiences. Then follow them into the studio, where they provide detailed teaching using multiple camera angles.

  • 10 Stunning Routines
  • On-the-Street Performances
  • Studio-Filmed Explanations
  • Filmed in High Definition
  • Dolby Digital Sound
  • Hilarious Outtakes
  • Region-Free
Filmed in high-definition by the New York Magic Project, AM/PM helps you to learn great magic quickly, so you can amaze your audiences as soon as possible.


1. Local
An empty matchbox becomes full in your spectator's hands. They can examine and keep the box and matches!

2. Between the Backpalms
A spectator's selected card vanishes from the deck and instantly reappears sandwiched between the magician's and spectator's empty hands.

3. 4OUR
A quick, visual, and surprising production of four cards, using a new two-card flourish.

4. The Coin Mint
A borrowed, signed quarter is transformed into a Listerine strip. The quarter is then found inside the Listerine pack!

5. Papermate
A multi-phase pen routine with a kicker ending that they'll never see coming!

6. AKT I
An instant transposition of two four-of-a-kinds.

7. The Domino Effect
A unique take on the "Copper/Silver" plot. A pink sugar packet and a white sugar packet magically switch places between the magician's hand and a spectator's hand.

8. Cash Back
After the magician fails to find a selected card, he puts his money on the line in order to prevail.

9. Arson
A lighter vanishes into the deck to reveal a card, only to pop back out of the card again.

10. Under and Out
A selected card vanishes from under the spectator's hand under truly impossible conditions.

Running Time Approximately 2hr 40min

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