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Ultimate Marked Deck (UMD) Companion Book Review

Official Review

August 3rd, 2010 5:05pm
Reviewed by Tracy Atteberry
If you own a marked deck, The Ultimate Marked Deck (UMD) or any other, this is a great companion book. Of the book’s 145 pages, 105 of them are devoted to tricks and routines using the marked deck. The other 40 pages cover the history, description, and usage of a marked deck -- and the UMD in particular. Don’t skip this section as is contains valuable information you’ll need to perform effectively with a marked deck.

If you’re thinking about buying this book, you’re probably wondering about two things. “What exactly is in this book?”, and “Is it really any good?”. While it’s sadly not always true, the table of contents will actually give you a fair idea of what to expect in terms of content. So here it is:

Marked Decks
  • An Old Story
  • The Prop

The Ultimate Marked Deck
  • Marking System
  • Characteristics
  • Reading The Marks
  • Application Domains

Impossible Locations
  • Lie Detector
  • Vibrations
  • Pendulum
  • Ultimate PATEO


  • Who are you Asking For?
  • Mental Pad
  • Predi-Cut
  • Cache-card
  • Blinded
  • Up from the Ashes
  • Marked and Untouched
  • Triple divination
  • Tabled Divination
  • Without Looking
  • Lazy

Other Magical Feats
  • Coincidence
  • Exchange Of Views
  • Extraordinary Memory
  • Super-Extraordinary Memory
  • Think!
  • Count On Me
  • Ultimate Monte
  • Ultimate Monte - The Sequel
  • The Trick That (Still) Cannot Be Explained
  • The Spectator Is The Magician

Stacked Deck... And More!
  • My Stack Is Rich
  • Lost For Good
  • Estimation Work
  • Cased

Gambling Demonstration
  • Blackjack

Special Contributions
Gaetan BLOOM
  • Flash Deduction
  • Flash Deduction II

Darwin ORTIZ
  • Three Impossible Locations

Michael WEBER
  • Peeking Princess


Now for the second question, “Is it any good?”. Yes. If you’re interested in working with a marked deck you would be hard pressed to find a better source than this book.

There’s one more question I’d like you to consider. Even if it’s a great book, should you actually buy it? That may seem like an odd question but if you can’t yet entertain effectively with a normal deck of cards, then your time might be better spent there first (check out the Card College series, for example). If you’ve already cleared that hurdle, then go for it.

I’ve owned several different marked decks, including the UMD and more than one book on marked deck effects. In my opinion, the UMD and this companion book are currently the best in breed.

5 stars

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Ultimate Marked Deck (UMD) Companion Book

Author: Laplaud, Ivan
Publisher: Magic Dream
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $21.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The game marked a new generation of Magic Dream

The game marked than you expected ...

"Diabolically hidden and readable in the blink of an eye ..." Gaëtan Bloom

"The game Ultimate is currently the best game scored for the magicians. It manages to be both easy to read and difficult to detect." Darwin Ortiz

The game Ultimate was presented before the marketing wizards of renown, whose reputation is well established. These few cartomanes Fellows have been unable, despite a thorough examination, detect anything unusual. More interesting still: from the secret revealed, the magician in question were capable of rapid reading and be well without hesitation identity card at random.

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"This game is not for everyone's hands." - Gilbert GROSS First French World Champion of poker history (1988)

- No learning
- Nothing to interpret
- No codes or symbols
- Play
- Location Immediate
- True Cards Bicycle Rider Back Playing Card Company U.S. printing

Pages: 150 - Softbound

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