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Disappeared Thought Review

Official Review

December 13th, 2010 12:12pm
Reviewed by Christian
This is yet another version of Henry Hardin’s “Princess Card Trick”. It uses well made gaffed cards. How many versions of the Princess Card Trick are there….I don’t know..but many.

The first questions is . . . is this the best, the most awesome one? Not for me.

The second question . . . is this a good, workable version? Yes.

This will not reset easy if you are a table worker, but on the upside, if you are looking for something that will fool the magicians at the local club..this will work. The method is unorthodox and will fool magicians that think they know how it is done.

There is not much to say, you know the premise. This is another magician’s angle on an excellent premise.

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Author: Bich, Mathieu
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Manufacturer's Description:

Mathieu Bich's new take on the Princess Card Trick Plot...

Show 6 cards (really 6 cards) and ask the spectator to think of one.
One card turns blank, and it's the one in the spectator's mind...
Easy to do !!!
Cards Specially printed by US Playing Card Co.

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