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New Chad Long Video, The Review

Official Review

January 28th, 2003 4:39pm
Reviewed by David Acer
What I like about Chad Long is just about everything. He’s a natural in every sense of the word. A natural performer, a natural technician, and a natural entertainer. Moreover, he exhibits a degree of humility that belies his exceptional skill, and that makes me like him all the more.

On this, Chad’s second video, we are treated to 11 of his real-world innovations, all of which are both novel and usable. “Thud,” a brilliant application for the Bounce/No Bounce Balls, is one of the best walkaround openers to come along in fifty years. It’s quick, it’s interesting, it’s magical, and it’s funny, and where most popular openers offer some combination of these, very few actually command all four. “Fuzzy Wuzzy,” a trick/gag using a lint brush, offers an organic motivation for the Paddle Move, and a very funny climax/punchline. “Stretching Silver,” in which a quarter is bent, then actually stretched at the fingertips, is, ironically, a throwaway with lasting impact. “Even Money” is an excellent stand-up version of Wild Coins that teaches, among other things, Chad’s devastating Ninja Coin change. Indeed, during the performance segment, I was fairly convinced that at least one gimmicked coin was in play, but alas, there are none. “Al Dente” is a fun and interesting way to break and restore an uncooked piece of spaghetti, and, while not for everyone (the spaghetti is broken, then chewed, then withdrawn from your mouth whole), it looks great in Chad’s mouth. “Catch-up” is a stand-up routine that combines Looy Simonoff’s Earth Shoes (used in this case to produce a ketchup bottle) with a transposition effect in which the bottle travels from one paper bag to another. While perhaps not a magician-fooler (most will recognize that a Nielsen Bottle is being used), this is Workers’ gold! There is also a great tip to perfectly match your real ketchup bottle with the Nielsen bottle.

These effects alone make this tape well worth your attention, but add to that a handful of solid card tricks (“Talk To The Hand,” “4,” and “The Wall”), plus a fine way to get into any four-card Matrix (“Scatter”), AND an excellent repeat broken-and-restored rubber band (“Snapped 2”), and you’ve got yourself one boni-fide, must-buy lecture video.

David Acer

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