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Matchbox Penetration, The Review

June 7th, 2010 12:23pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
This is a mind blowing trick. Magic Makers produces a fine version. Originally, the block was made in India, was much thicker, cost more, and the 'secret' had yet to be reduced to it's most simplistic and current form. This is one effect that came from elsewhere, that I'm glad to see made in the U.S., still effective, thinner, and more cost effective. Plus, it uses a thinner more easily found matchbox as opposed to earlier versions. If you consider buying this effect, do your best to see it in person. I say this because there are versions being produced that are under 25$, and I fear that cheaper versions may risk compromising the integrity of the effect. Magic Makers makes precision items, including brass machined props such as this. The effect itself, consistently blows people away. Many assume I had the block hidden in my hand from the start-even when my hands started clean. It never occurs to people that the method is what it is. Presentationally, I offer this as a sobriety test-"just get the toothpick through the hole. Okay, you SWEAR your sober-but, how do you explain this?"-and out drops the block. It's a funny, and reliably impactive trick. Last thought: there are still versions out there, where the block has a grid cut into it, and instead of a matchbox, it's wrapped in a leather sleeve. A needle is used in lieu of a toothpick. It's well made, costs more naturally, but-the grid I think tips off the method. The matchbox is far less innocuous as well. We are also more likely to carry toothpicks around than needles.
I recommend not only this effect, but Magic Makers version of it. So little pocket space, for so much astonishment.

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Publisher: Magic Makers
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The Effect: Remove from your pocket the heavy matchbox and toothpick. Push the toothpick straight through the center of the box, freely showing it at all times. Not impressed? Remove the toothpick and open the box. What you see is a solid brass block that entirely fills the box! The solid brass block can be examined. No skill required. A self-working miracle you'll be able to perform immediately!

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