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Omni Deck Review

June 7th, 2010 12:20pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I've seen Omni Deck, at the magic shop-but, didn't go for it. Before I write any further, I DO think that the BEST thing that may have come out of this trick, for ZOMBIE BOY'S review!!! Sorry, but it's TRAGICALLY HILARIOUS!

Now, the Paul Harris Sampler, contains an effect called SOLID DECEPTION. It's the same Ambitious premise, ending with, not a hunk of plastic, but, a real deck of cards that's stuck together in a solid block. That makes more sense to me, than it changing to a piece of plastic-and, it's cheaper-deck of cards, a little glue, a vise, and some patience. Solid deception is where I believe omni deck came from. I'm still considering making my own version ala Paul Harris, but, I'll probably skip the 'Omni Experience'-mostly, because I just happen to not like plastic props...and, it was probably more convenient for this manufacturer to render it in plastic, as opposed to gluing decks of forty six cards together (you don't need the full fifty two).

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During an Ambitious Card sequence, a signed card inserted into the deck repeatedly jumps to the top of the deck. At the conclusion, the same deck changes to a solid block of clear plastic while in a spectator's hand. A stunning ending.

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