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Compact Key Review

June 2nd, 2010 4:42pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I got my version of this trick from L+L publishing, as a substitue for something else they were out of stock on. It's a cute, effective quickie. I don't suggest repeating the separation/back together faze too many times, once or twice is enough for me. One final sleight in the routine is quite deceptive, and has other appications, so far as a final revelation (in 'one in the hand two in the pocket' routines). As often happens, the supplied patter didn't suit my style-it's not bad, but I can't make jokes about a wife I no longer have. If I did have one, I tend to avoid 'take my wife please' kinds of jokes anyway. The trick takes some pratice to pull off effectively, and it is at least not advertised for more than it actually is: an ice breaker. Considering what you get, it could probably be a bit less than ten bucks. For the same amount, you could get Bob Solari's 'Hell Bent'-which is an ingeniuos effect and gaff, and is much more than an ice breaker. Worth MORE, in my mind than ten bucks.

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Author: Marvoyan
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More than magic, this is an icebreaker that can be performed on a whim. Compact Key is a twenty second routine designed for any impromptu situation. Pretend to show a new security device, a Compact Key. Remove the head of the key from its stem separating the key into two pieces. The pieces are instantly restored onto the original key. This is repeated several times until the spectator smiles and realizes that he has just seen something impossible. The key can be examined before and after the routine. Do it at a moment's notice. Comes complete with all necessary props and photo illustrated instructions.

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