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World's Greatest Card Tricks Review

June 1st, 2010 10:10am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I came across this book at a bargain book shop. Had I found it at a magic shop, I probably would have paid full price, which isn't much.
In my opinion, the gem of this book, is a completely impromptu version of 'out of this world'. I wasn't looking for it, but there it was-and it works!
I've spent time with Longe's other books, and for reasons I can't completely pin down, I avoid them. Maybe it gets down to writing style. Maybe it's the amount of occassions that Longe takes to aggrandize himself, telling the reader 'there are a few versions of this is effect, but MINE is the BEST'.
Maybe, it's that he never seems to preface ANY of his effects with a few sentences stating EFFECT:.Instead, I have to read through these kind of ponderous, droll story/scenarios, complete with fictionally named audience members, wondering 'when will you EVER get to the punchline?!!' I can take it further, by recalling one Longe book, which scripted out 'fairytale plots', using courtcards, which I had to take a scalpel to just to unWEAVE the plots from the actual mechanics. Stories and plots so ridiculous played for ADULTS, that only a conjurer at a renaissence fair might have used them...for CHILDREN. Frustrating and tediuos to read, I'm thinking 'cut to the chase. and please stop congradulating yourself'. SURE-Bob is NOT my favorite author.He reminds of the guy thats gonna insist on telling you a long winded story, WITHOUT bothering to notice that your'e squirming in your seat, or, have started to yawn...or head for the door. I have a much greater appreciation for the low key, humble Karl Fulves, when it comes to lighter card magic reading. Enough said.
THIS particular book, may be worth the price because of the effect 'get out of this world.' It's Paul Curry's GEM, done with ANY shuffled deck. The rest of the book has known effects, including one which Longe fails to credit John Scarne with ('My Lucky Card', Scarne's title.) It takes effort on my part to sift through ANY work, for that which I can use in real world situations. Having to read about Bob Longe's trips down self discovery/congradulatory lane, only makes the sifting that much more tediuos. Get 'GET OUT OF THIS WORLD', and then, cut to the chase. The one star is for the one gem.

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Author: Longe, Bob
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This is a magic book titled World's Greatest Card Tricks by Longe, Bob
Format: Paperback
Publication Summary: 1996, 128 pp

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