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Dollar Monte Review

June 1st, 2010 10:10am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I got enough of a kick out seeing a live demo of this trick, that I purchased one. Seemed like a nice variation of three card monte, and, the cards were novel. It became clear at some point that I could make my own version of the trick, which is actually on one of Michael Ammar's 'Easy to Learn Card Miracles'. The problem I had with the Card-Shark cards, was that they stuck together after a few practice handlings. Bicycles can do the same, but it takes longer. Also the texture of the cards is a bit grainier. It seemed to be the coating itself though slowed things down. Maybe card powder would've worked. When I perform this now, I use regular cards, and these look far less suspicious than the Dollar Monte Cards. I love the routine, and the inverted ending-I was not thrilled with the included patter, which is a complicated 'lesson' story about a card shark, a casino, a security camera...something I wouldn't have come up with, or would use. As usable a routine as this is, the price is higher than I think it should be-particularly when I already had usable normal cards already laying around. Very good routine, in spite of potential negatives.

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A classic effect with a most surprising ending. Just imagine you had the abilities of a cardsharper. You show three blank cards and a money card. Even though you handle and mix the cards slowly and in the cleanest, fairest manner, the money card
appears in the most unexpected place.

After you have conditioned your spectators by repeating the effect twice, you get ready for the unbelievable climax. Suddenly, you show three money cards and only one blank card. The four cards may be examined at the end!

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