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Cheek To Cheek--Bicycle Review

June 1st, 2010 10:09am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
This deck introduced me to the Triumph effect a number of years ago. I'd seen card guys more masterful and obsessive than myself, pull Vernon's handling off like smooth cream. Whats interesting is that BOTH versions can look nearly identical, producing the same impossible finish. Whichever I do, the effect is a guarenteed 'WTF?!!'-Along side of Cheek to Cheek, I keep R. Paul Wilson's Technicolor Cheek, for an additional kick. Wilson's version has the deck right itself AND change color at the finish. Talk about eye popping! Cheek to Cheek is EASY to do, and spectators have credited me with more skills than I might have-at least with this Paul Curry gem. Noone EVER suspects the deck! Its possible that you might earn the immediate rewards of the effect with the gaffed deck, while privately learning the classic handling. Needless to say, I have a batch of red bicycle decks, gaffed for different effects, to match the normal deck I use before any switchouts. Cheek to Cheek, in my view, is a low maintenence KILLER!

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A deck of cards is separated into two piles. The cards are fanned and shuffled face to face so that half the cards are face up, the other half face down. The spectator takes any face up card and places it anywhere in the deck face down. The cards are shuffled again and when the deck is spread out on the table, all the cards are face down, except for one face-up card- the selected card.

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