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Constant Fooling - Volume 1 Review

May 28th, 2010 12:02pm
Reviewed by chipperPaul
First off, I must be honest: I'm a huge fan of David Regal's work. I think the guy is smart and creative and just comes up with some killer stuff. This book is certainly no exception to that!!
To begin with......there's A'LOT OF STUFF in this book! Even if most of the effects were mediocre, the sheer volume could occupy you for a year! I hear a'lot of quacking about effects being good for "real world" performing (e.g. all in the hands, no table required).....and admittedly, there are several card effects in this book that require a table surface........but in a'lot of environments, if you're patient, you can work through those needs. Overall......this book is a real jewel in my magic library.
.....and don't forget.....there're some quirky little "non-card" close-up effects here too. Highly recommended.

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Author: David Regal
Publisher: L&L Publishing
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $39.95
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David Regal is a magician and writer. His previous book, Close-Up & Personal (Hermetic Press,1999, currently out of print), was embraced by the magic fraternity, becoming a bestseller. In 1987, he had the honor of having the first book devoted to his magic, Star Quality: The Magic of David Regal, written by Harry Lorayne. His effects are sold around the world, and have entered the repertoires of some of today's top professionals. Last year his 3-volume video series (in DVD and VHS), The Magic of David Regal, was produced and released by L&L Publishing to resounding critical acclaim. Mr. Regal has written for television shows ranging from Rugrats (head writer) to Everybody Loves Raymond. He lives in Burbank, California, and is a frequent performer at Hollywood's Magic Castle. A two-part compendium of magic with cards, coins and a whole lot more encompassing over twenty years of creations from one of magic's most innovative minds -- David Regal. Volume One contains a collection of powerful card magic utilizing unprepared cards, David's startling Cups & Balls routine from his Magic Castle Act and a chapter devoted entirely to magic done with neither cards nor coins.• Multiple spectators shuffle an ordinary deck, which is then held under a spectator's hand, yet the magician has correctly predicted the top card. • The magician, standing behind the table with empty hands, causes a signed selection to penetrate the tabletop. • A selection is placed between four Aces held in the hands, then jumps to the center of a pile of Kings already on the table. • The magician pockets four-of-a-kind selected by a spectator, then spreads the Aces in a face-up fan. Visually, in an instant, the cards change places. • A spectator cuts the deck multiple times, arriving at his own phone number. • Two volunteers cut to and turn over the four aces -- a new method for a classic effect. You may fool yourself! • A cotton ball is plucked from a spectator's clothing, then changes into a handkerchief. • A card case is turned into a magical box that allows a spectator's ring to penetrate onto a pencil. • A pet mouse terrifies the audience on its way to locating a spectator's selected playing card. • A borrowed ring vanishes and appears threaded on a luggage tag. In addition, there are card effects contributed by William Goodwin, R. Paul Wilson, John Lovick and Gordon Bean, plus, as noted, a fully detailed Cups & Balls routine which possesses a unique wrinkle.Hardbound with full color dustjacket, 232 pages.

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