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Ultimate 3 Card Monte Review

May 10th, 2010 8:57pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Simply put, this trick DESTROYS people! I've probably said similar words about 'color monte'. I first purchased this back in the early nineties, and ALWAYS have one in my wallet...with 'color monte' nearby. Depending upon the climate or the viewer, I'll show one or the other. Skinner's version is NOT examinable, unless you use a Himber wallet, which I don't-but the shows are so open and fair, that few people ever question the cards. Working close up with strangers in bar/ restaurants, I use normal cards, which people swear are tricked, until they pick them up and look. Then, they call me 'Devil', which I don't mind taking as a compliment. Devil INDEED...I'll share here an occasion where I showed Skinner's Monte to a bartender friend. I used my finger ring (sometimes a coin) as a 'marker'. This young man was so incredulous, that he called over a cocktail waitress, so I showed it to her. Without exaggeration, she looked at me with a kind of awe,...and called OTHER servers to come and see what I had just done, with three playing cards. NONE of them could believe their eyes. I bear in mind that anyone who knows about this trick knows how powerful it is. For anyone who does not, WHAT are waiting for ???!!!

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Author: Skinner, Michael
Publisher: L&L Publishing
Average Rating:  (4)
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In one evening you can master Michael's version of this classic card swindle without resorting to sleight of hand. Everything is included, illustrated text, original patter and the special cards that make it all possible.

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