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Braco's Floating Ball Review

January 25th, 2003 10:19am
Reviewed by martello
If there were a rating that were less than half a star, this piece of junk would get it. Any dealer who sells this should be blackballed as a rip off artist. It would be hard to believe that anyone would find this of any kind of value in any kind of way. Pure junk!!!

Product info for Braco's Floating Ball

Author: Braco
Publisher: Magiceffex
Average Rating:  (7)
Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Braco's Floating Ball is without question the most amazing floating ball on the market today. Because, it really floats. Norm Nielsen was one of the first privileged to see Braco's Floating Ball in action. He was totally impressed.

What`s so new about this floating ball? Well, the most important fact is that it really levitates. There are no “tacky” motions while the ball is in midair. The ball does not slide on any attachments, is not dancing on a Zombie gimmick nor is it covered with any cloth or other object to hide anything. Here is one possible routine:

Open a chest and take a 15 inch gleaming silver gleaming ball out of it. Take your hands off the ball and it mysteriously remains suspended in midair. Walk away from the ball. It remains floating in the middle of nowhere. The ball then suddenly floats away, while you walk toward it. Pass by the ball and it follows in the same direction as its master. The ball can then descend into a box, which is only some inches bigger than the ball itself. To prove the weight of the gleaming ball, you take it out and drop it. The ball crashes to the stage floor with a loud sound. Yes, it weighs 10 pounds.

The 4 most astonishing facts are: Braco's Flaoting Ball has absolutely no minimum performing distance. Perform it under full lightning. Read this twice, three, four, five....a thousand times: There is nothing attached to Braco's Floating Ball. Absolutely nothing. No wires, no threads, nothing at all. Nevertheless, it is under your control at all times.

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