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April 16th, 2010 2:56pm
Reviewed by chipperPaul
First....let me say that I've had a bit of a business relationship with the gentlemen at Doorway Magic.....I've written a little ad copy for them in exchange for product...(they've only used a little of the copy I go figure, but nonetheless, I thought full disclosure was in order....I was not involved in the initial development of this effect).

Doorway Magic is a company ostensibly composed of two Israeli gentlemen. The overall editing and feel of this video (like all their others) is that while it isn't super slick.....they put a lot of effort into shooting and editing a quality production-wise, while it isn't "Titanic" or does the job without being offensive. Now, the effect: Well, this is a one trick DVD....which I'm not too crazy about.....but if you know that up-front (and you should, if you read the ad copy)'ll know what you're getting.
The ad copy is a leeeeee-eeeetle misleading in that it references "turning over" the one card (the prediction card). Hmmmm, well, technically, you have to pick up the prediction card before you turn it over.....for experienced performers.....those niggly little details might be important. The gaffed card that comes with the DVD is very simple and I bet you could make up thirty of them yourself between breakfast and lunch......but, it does come with the gaffed card, so I thought that was worth one star unto itself.

There is one (or two-ish) sleight(s) involved, but with practice it can smooth itself out easily. You won't be doing this within 10 minutes of opening the package, but it isn't floating point mathematics either!! Overall, if you're patient and moderately disciplined, you can do this effect and the outcome is entertaining, I promise. This is just one of those effects where you either HAVE the right personality to pull this off or YOU DON'T.....simple.

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Publisher: Doorway Magic
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Manufacturer's Description:

"One" is an effect using one card. It is an effect like no other.

One card is laid down on the table (as a prediction).
One card is freely chosen from an imaginary deck (in the spectator's mind). The one card on the table is turned over and the one prediction comes true!

Using "One" you'll be performing this killer routine!
In this package you'll receive:
The "One" DVD, plus the "One"'ll also receive instructions on caring for an refilling the gimmick. You'll also receive a collection of tips and ideas to blow your audience away!

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