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Mystery China Box Review

Official Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
This is the perfect trick to show the magic crew at the next meeting or when they pop by your house for a visit. First, it will fool them badly. Second, should you desire to tip the method, they will be charmed.

Tenyo products are tough to review. They can appeal (or not appeal) to us on many levels. As a toy for magicians this is great. As a method thats fun to play with, this is great. As a piece of magic to share with people in the real world, its good.

Will it fool them? Yes.

Will they care?

I think that depends on how you present it. As I collect Tenyo, I share many of the pieces with lay visitors. I explain that they are some of the cleverest magic devices ever invented, and that they are a toy line from Japan. I tell them I collect them because they are so ingenius that top magicians are fooled badly by these sublime creations. As a rule, people are intrigued to see just what that may be.

Mystery China Box is a super fooler and working it fills the magician with an evil sense of glee. Have fun!

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Publisher: Tenyo
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Manufacturer's Description:

Display a small black box with doors in the front and back and a hole in the top. Drop balls through this hole, and show that they always fall into the large tube. Have your spectator select one of the balls. Close the doors and drop the balls into the case in any order. When you open the lid, only the selected ball has jumped into the short tube.

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