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Ten Card Mysteries Annemann Would Have Loved: Analects and Analogues Review

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April 7th, 2010 3:35pm
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Many magicians are under the impression that The Jinx mostly focuses on mentalism, but within its 151 issues are plenty of card tricks. Great card tricks, in fact. Annemann's first love was card tricks, and he consistently published tricks with high impact effects and methods that allow the performer to concentrate on performing.

I fully agree with Racherbaumer's title assertion that Annemann would have loved these tricks. Each is either methodologically practical, or straightforward in effect, and many are strong in both categories. A couple involve a bit too much counting or dealing for my tastes, but they're interesting tricks despite my personal biases. Of the ones I liked, two are going into active rehearsal, and three more are flagged for further study.

So for me, that's fully half of the book that gave me things to work on, and I sincerely enjoyed reading the others. With only ten items, and a cover price of $15, it might seem like you're paying a high per-item price. That is, until you compare it to one-trick DVDs or books that have few practical, performable items. Viewed through that lens, this book is a darn good deal. Be aware, however, that purists might be disappointed that some tricks require a gaffed card or two. This is consistent with the "effect before method" philosophy of Annemann, and if it bothers you, you might change your mind once you see how strong these tricks are for spectators.

Racherbaumer is, of course, a prolific writer about magic. His descriptions are clear and helpful, with no extra fluff. In terms of production, this imprint of Harry Anderson's Spade and Archer Publications is equally competent. Its half-sized spiral-bound pages are printed on one side only, and its typewriter-style printing echoes those of Magic, Inc from 30 or more years ago. (I would say it is like The Jinx, but the type is much larger and easier to read, and the book lacks even a single illustration.)

Ten Tricks Annemann Would Have Loved is a fine tribute, with solid magic. I was really pleased with the contents, and I think if this appeals to you and your style of magic, you'll find yourself loving it too. Grab a copy quickly, this limited edition likely won't last long.

Product info for Ten Card Mysteries Annemann Would Have Loved: Analects and Analogues

Author: Racherbaumer, Jon
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $15.00
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Format: Spiralbound
Publication Summary: 2009, 54 pages


  • Hermetic Penetration
  • Gaming the rules
  • Snap-slap transpo
  • Free Will Refutation
  • Must be 21 to smoke (For Claude Raines)
  • Unlikely Triumvirate (Mathematician - Psychic - Magician)
  • Biddling brown in the round
  • Shush
  • As Far as you want to go
  • Wide open prediction

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