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Epic Coin Tray Review

February 15th, 2010 1:15pm
Reviewed by Phil Tawa
Only good for collecting. Plain and simple. It doesn't work and I have three but will not even put them on my shelf. No matter how I played with it I could never get smooth action on it. Coins get stuck no control etc. All this but it's real nice to look at. COLLECTORS ONLY. NOT FOR WORKERS!!!

Product info for Epic Coin Tray

Author: Maverick Magic
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Retail Price: $85.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Epic Coin Tray is crafted from the Russian Zhostovo technique, individually hand painted so no two trays are ever the same. Measuring 7 inches in diameter, this beautiful tray is able to conceal up to eight half dollar coins. A controlled release system enables the performer to free 2 or 4 coins at any time.

Whether you want to make coins multiply or appear, this Epic Coin Tray is the addition you have been looking for to add to your routine!
Tray Diameter
Approximately 7" (18cm)

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