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Reel Magic Quarterly - Volume 1, Episode 1 Review

February 10th, 2010 6:55am
Reviewed by chipperPaul
To be fair, I've only watched about 90% of this issue, so bear that in mind. Nevertheless, I'm very impressed with this product! A killer experience for the money! I'd almost call it a "news magazine"-type get commercials, great trick performances/explanations, general history-related interviews, product reviews, video reviews.......all manner of cool stuff! I loved the Paul Harris interview.

Although I'm a stickler for professionalism in products, I really thing there can be a'lot of value in casual, informal discussions being caught on's nice to see a well-established performer just chatting about his theories on performance. Since you're getting an array of various types of video "segments" so-to-speak......the quality of the different segments (technical-wise) varies greatly, so I dinged the product one-half star for that.

I will say that for my money, it's been a long time since I felt this happy about a magic-related purchase.

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Paul Harris talks impromptu about

  • technology mastery and astonishment

"Try This At Home" with Garrett Thomas

  • this episode Garrett looks at the fake take

"Off The Shelf" features John Lovick's new hundred dollar bill switch book "Switched"

Andrew Pinard's Continuum a look at those who influence magic from the past, the present, and the future - this installment is

  • Harry Lorayne on Memory and Magic

Tricks Of The Trade with David Regal - a hilarious look at four effects that are new on the market

"Choice Cuts"'s Wayne Kawamoto looks at the world of DVD's

Plus bonus material, performances, and explanations

  • John Lovick's $100 bill switch
  • Dan Tongs Chop Cup routine
  • Potassys bill to potato
Running Time Approximately 120min

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