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Lunch Date Review

Official Review

February 17th, 2010 7:12am
Reviewed by Christian
Lunch date is a moderately produced DVD all about the –Out to Lunch” principle. If you are unfamiliar with this principle then you will most likely enjoy this DVD. If you have been in magic for a few years then you will not discover anything earth shattering.

Paul does cover the material well and gives you plenty of ideas.

One of the problems when it comes to reviewing material is that you must review for the broad spectrum of people who purchase magic products. There is so much magic material that for someone like me who has seen his share of books and DVDs, it is difficult to impress me with a run of mill offering. However, for a neophyte, this could be the most exciting purchase for them this year.

For the veterans..there is nothing here to excite you.
For the neophytes.. this is a really good trick that you should know about and be able to perform.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

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Author: Paul Romhany
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Paul Romhany performs and explains his favorite routines from his book Lunch Is Served. The "Out To Lunch" principle is dedicated to changing the characteristics of an object that has been signed by a spectator. The trick, "Out To Lunch" is generally treated, appropriately, as a comedic trifle, but in this DVD you will find strong approaches, plots and presentations that take the principle to places that you have perhaps not explored or even imagined.

Truly magical moments are crafted from this workhorse of a principle, one that is exceptionally simple, but deceptively so. The routines in this DVD range from close-up to stand-up, with access to all the graphics needed so you can easily make up your own gimmicked business cards.

  • Time Change
  • Cookies Fortune
  • 8 Ball Production
  • Business Card Switch
  • Knife And Fork
  • Bill To Orange
  • Coin On Card

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