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Incredideck Review

January 21st, 2010 8:04am
Reviewed by Anthony DeTomaso
This is a an excellent effect requiring no special skill just a good presentation. I take this deck along with me wherever I go and with a bit of imagination you can do other things with it as well. However the original effect will floor your audience. They each stopped on the same card, and when they see the cards are different they are clueless. It has great impact , simple to perform and reasonably priced what more can you want. A+++++++

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Author: Bob Solari
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Performer removes a deck from it's case. The cards are spread showing them to be quite ordinary. The Performer asks for the assistance of two Spectators. The Performer approaches Spectator with a deck in hand. Performer riffles the edge of the deck with his thumb asking the Spectator to call out "stop" (Spectator may stop Perform at anytime. He is not "forced" to stop a on a certain card). This stopped at card is shown to Spectator A. Performer approaches Spectator B and does exactly what he did for Spectator A. Both Spectators have now seen their card. Performer asks both Spectators to raise their hand in the air. Performer states "when I name your card, please lower your hand". The Performer calls out two cards. Immediately, both Spectators lower their hand! It is again repeated, two other cards are called out, again both Spectators lower their hand! No sleights, instant reset, learn in 5 minutes. Special Bicycletm deck does all the work.

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