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Signed, Sealed, and Amazing Review

December 18th, 2009 9:29am
Reviewed by Anthony DeTomaso
I have learned this effect from Bob Solari's "Solari, Live in Your Living Room" D.V.D. When I watched the presentation I was blown away. Briefly a spectator freely selects a card they really sign it . Its mixed in the deck. The deck is divided into 3 piles. The spectator looks through each of the 3 piles to find his/her card. They can not find it! It has vanished. You then proceed to open a manila envelop which has been openly on the table the whole time, and the signed card is removed from the envelope. I have only showed this effect 5 times yet each time I have flawed my spectators. I did this at work in front 50 something people they all loved it. Since I learned this from Bob's DVD I did have everything I needed in the house. If I didn't it is no big deal the items are inexpensive and readily available. The method is genius, its easy to perform,and more importantly the effect is amazing and very entertaining.

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Author: Solari, Bob
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Seen sitting on the table is a sealed envelope. A card is freely selected (no force) and signed by the spectator. This signed card is returned to the deck and mixed. The spectator looks through the deck to locate their signed card. The signed card has vanished. With empty hands, the performer opens the sealed envelope and removes the selected signed card. This effect can be used as an opener, but is recommended to be used as a closer - nothing can match its impact. No palming, no holes or slits in the envelope. Envelope is completely sealed with tape. The method is simple and direct. Use any Bicycle deck.

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