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Romhany's Multiplying Bottle Routine Review

Official Review

February 8th, 2010 7:14am
Reviewed by Christian
Paul Romhany’s Multiplying Bottle routine is excellent stuff. If you have had a set of multiplying bottles laying around waiting on a routine . . . this could be it.

Interestingly, recently, Paul released the –Amazing twenty dollar bill trick” in hopes that it would replace the ubiquitous –Banana Bandana” routine. I did not think it was a suitable replacement. However, as crazy as this sounds . . I think this . . . his multiplying bottle trick is a good replacement.

You start out with a CD telling you how to do the trick, yet things keep going wrong and you constantly find you have too many bottles. There is humor, surprise, and a fun ending.

The DVD is well produced and the routine is well taught. Paul also supplies a CD with either a male or female voice of the –CD instructions”. It is a fun and slightly corny routine that should work well with most audiences. There are also a few tips, tricks, and ideas that Paul shares regarding this trick. The fact that he is a working cruise ship magician should make you feel confident that his will be a hit with your audiences as well. Recommended.

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Author: Paul Romhany
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Direct from his current act, Paul Romhany releases his Comedy Multiplying Bottles Routine. A hilarious routine from start to finish, with a few surprises along the way.

This package includes the complete performance and instructional DVD, plus the audio CD with a male and female backing track needed for the Romhany routine.

You explain to the audience that you subscribe to a mail order magic company that sends you magic lessons on a CD. You received one today and brought it to show the audience how you learn your tricks. You play the CD and start the lesson. Bottles start to change places with a glass, multiply and change color until you end up with a table full of bottles!

This routine is designed to use any standard set of nine multiplying bottles. Paul shares his years of experience performing this routine from cruise ships, theaters to cabaret, and includes additional ideas on the best tube covers to use, how to make your bottles look good on stage, the best type of table and step by step instructions on how to perform this routine. No more worrying about what to say or which tube to lift - you just follow along to the voice over and let the fun begin!

Note: Use a standard set of nine multiplying bottle - sold separately.

DVD Running Time Approximately: 40min
CD Running Time Approximately: 8min

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