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Mysterious Doc Nixon Review

Official Review

February 3rd, 2010 7:53am
Reviewed by Christian
I recently had the opportunity to talk with Todd Karr concerning his products. Todd is quite prolific in producing some of the best tomes to come out on magic in the recent years, Roy Benson and Al Baker come to mind immediately. Both of those books were very thick and marvelously produced.

I asked Todd why he did not make the Doc Nixon material into a book as well. He stated that quite simply there are not enough people interested in Doc Nixon to plunk down the needed dough to make that business venture profitable. That makes good business sense.

There are over 300 pages of material on this CD. If you are a magic history buff or just wondering what miracles might await someone in the dusty (electronic) pages that are more than 80 years old, you will not be disappointed. Todd has assembled a massive amount of material. It is well laid out in multiple PDF files. He has also included a treatise on what might have happened to Doc Nixon. His disappearance from the magic world is still a mystery to this day.

I enjoyed perusing through the CD and discovering some very interesting methods that were used so many years ago. There is plenty on this CD to keep you busy for a couple of days.

Product info for Mysterious Doc Nixon

Author: Doc Nixon
Publisher: The Miracle Factory
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Master Stage Magician and His Strange Disappearance

Over 300 pages of material
Nixon's rare books including the famous Nixon Manuscript of major stage secrets
Over 150 stage routines, illusions, spirit, and mental effects
Letters to Nixon from Thurston, Downs, Fu Manchu, and other greats
Nixon's magazine columns
Memorabilia from Nixon's own files
Todd Karr's research on Nixon's life and disappearance
Convenient PDF format on two CDs
Essential reading for the serious illusionist and historian

William J. "Doc" Nixon was a feature vaudeville performer whose "Where Do the Ducks Go?" routine, Checker Cabinet, Spirit Paintings, and other routines became standards of their day.

A tireless inventor, builder, writer, and performer, Nixon suddenly disappeared in the 1930s, leaving magicians to wonder, "Where Did the Doc Go?" Through the decades, the mystery of what happened to Doc Nixon has intrigued magicians. One story was that he had joined a religious order and retired to a monastery. Todd Karr has researched Nixon's path and thinks he might know the end of the story.

The Mysterious Doc Nixon collects over 150 of Nixon's stage routines, many illustrated with blueprints. You'll find long-lost secrets of illusions, stage props, mental magic, and spirit effects, along with a huge collection of rare Nixon writings and memorabilia, including letters from some of his top clients such as Thurston and Downs.

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