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Precognition Video Prediction System Review

Official Review

December 18th, 2009 9:30am
Reviewed by Christian
This is cleverly done. The materials are top rate and worked very easily for me. The case for the "Bonanza" DVDs looks as real as it gets and to any casual observer this is nothing more than a collection of old TV shows.

I usually cringe when someone tries to perform a mentalism effect with electronics involved but this one seems very fair. One, its "Bonanza," who would think that would be gimmicked. Two, you can very fairly show that they are ordinary. I believe Martin Lewis has made an extremely fair looking prop. You can use this with confidence.

The only drawback with this effect is that Martin did not give the purchaser much in the way of a script in using this product. I believe that this is vitally important for this particular effect because of the nature of the product. It would be easy for someone to either "run when they are not being chased" or muck up the climax because of a poor plot or frame for the effect.

As I mull over this effect, I think about how you might use this. One, it could be great fun for when someone comes over to your house. You have a pretty awesome prediction effect right at your finger tips. It seems very organic and natural to any guest who might be visiting. Along with that, it does not seem like a magic trick. Some DVD collection that is sitting on your shelf, suddenly becomes a dynamic prediction effect.

Two, if you use it in a show it would be a bit cumbersome. You will have to bring a TV and a DVD player. However, if you play it correctly, it could be the signature piece you are looking for. I really believe that this could be a hidden gem that many people will overlook.

Product info for Precognition Video Prediction System

Author: Martin Lewis
Publisher: Magikraft Studios
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

"The roots of this idea go back 400 years -- but Martin Lewis has yanked it into the 21st century. It was worth the wait."-Max Maven

Precognition: Clairvoyance relating to an event or state not yet experienced. In this case to foretell a video event before it occurs.

A spectator chooses one of six disks and places it into a DVD player. They then choose an episode on that disk, then a chapter from that episode. Before they hit the play button you describe a scene in detail. They then play their selection and it matches your description perfectly.

The disks can be checked both before and after, all the episodes and chapters are different.

The effect plays in almost any venue, from a TV set in a living room to a full size auditorium. If the theater has multimedia capabilities the effect plays huge.

NOTE: This product is compatible with most DVD players, however there may be some off brand, or older machines, with which it is not compatible. Please check first.

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