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Pandora's Box Review

Official Review

December 1st, 2009 6:33am
Reviewed by Christian
Jay Sankey's Pandora's Box is a way to gimmick your card case to make it seem that something is in there . . . that isn't. It is based off and idea by Roy Walton. Other magicians have experimented with this ideas such as David Harkey.

If you would like to perform a signed, folded card to card box routine . . . then this will be the perfect DVD for you to get. The teaching is first rate and you get all the "extras" you will need. There are plenty of ideas and techniques explained and demonstrated.

There are many other effects that you can do with the Pandora's box. One very nice one that is taught is the transportation of two finger rings. You place one in the box. Then pick up the other and squeeze it in your hand. If turns into the ring that was just placed in the card box. You open the card box and show it is the one you just vanished. It is a strong visual piece.

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Author: Jay Sankey
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Manufacturer's Description:

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Based on a Roy Walton idea, Jay has been exploring various gimmicks for years. These are the very best to date! Less than 5 minutes to install into ANY CARD CASE!


Along with the very clever gimmicks you receive a full-length DVD explaining the all-important fine details Jay's DVDs are famous for.

The DVD also includes:

Jay's acclaimed 2 ring transposition handling! An absolute KILLER under any close-up performance conditions!

Learn audience and pocket management tips, how to use a marker to maximize pocket management, combining flash paper with PANDORA'S BOX for even more dramatic effects, and performing for groups vs. one-on-one!

Jay also includes an invaluable psychological analysis of the all-too-common practice of OVERPROVING and how it just creates suspicion!

You'll also learn very practical ways to add PANDORA'S BOX to your coins across and coins through the table routines!

SPECIAL BONUS: Learn JC Wagner's astonishing table change + the Mercury Card Fold + 3 different coin vanishes!

You ALREADY carry a card case. Make sure you get as much REAL MAGIC out of it as you can!!!!

  • Easy to do! Instantly re-sets!
  • Perform miracles with borrowed rings, marked coins, keys, bottle caps and more!
  • The magic happens in the spectator's own hands! Guaranteed BIG reactions!
  • Appearances, transformation, transpositions and more!
  • Comes complete with special gimmicks and a full-length instructional DVD!
"Pandora's Box does so much with so little. I love it." -Gary B.

"Like Jay said, it took me only a few minutes to add the gimmicks to my card case and I immediately made my girlfriend's ring vanish and appear inside the box. She FREAKED!!!!! She didn't know what hit her. Thanks for making me look good Jay!"-Harold B.

"I will never again carry a case without the Pandora Box gimmicks. Jay really rocks with this one." -Tom W.

"A real secret weapon. Four stars." -Matthew M.

Running Time Approximately 59min

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