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Radio Rental Review

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November 23rd, 2009 7:22am
Reviewed by Christian
David Forrest's Radio Rental DVD is marvelously produced. In fact, it is quite possibly one of the most beautifully produced magic DVDs I have seen. Unfortunately, the material on the DVD does match its production value. David's style is slow and his scripting is weak. He tends to belabor certain aspects of an effect to the point of mind numbing over emphasis.

For much of David's effects he starts with a simple frame and then quickly turns his script into an exposition. This is why I found much of his work boring.

I knew that I would have trouble with David when in his fist trick in the DVD he explains a how he gets a spectator to merely think of a card. In the explanation David explains that he wants the spectator to think of the number "7" when thinking of a value of a card. (already, a common single digit number to think of) He uses some subtleties to guide the spectator to select this number. The subtleties were nice and it makes one think of Banachek's book Psychological Subtleties. I really had no trouble with this until he stated that . . ."In all the times I have done this, it has never gone wrong, they always say seven." Really!?! Always?

This is not a new concept in magic or mentalism but to make a statement that they always pick seven seemed a bit of a stretch to me. In all fairness David does give you some suggestions for outs (in case they don't day seven) but his bold statement that it has never failed for him . . . made me wonder what the rest of the methods on this DVD would hold.

For the beginner in mentalism there are some interesting ideas. You will need at the very least some basic card handling to perform David's effects. There is some culling, buckling, and card peaks that lie somewhere in the intermediate card handling abilities.

I enjoyed his last effect "The Man Who Paints the Future." After a series of events/selections the outcome is predicted in a painting. This is a plot that has been explored before, most recently with Jay Sankey in a close up effect. David's script is weak but it was interesting to see where he took it as a stage piece.

Over all, this DVD was OK. There was nothing here that got me excited and if you are still building your mentalism library, I think there are better ways to invest your time and money.

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Author: David Forrest
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Dave Forrest does not believe that playing cards and mentalism don't mix. On this DVD, you'll see Dave perform 9 knock out mentalism effects, all of which feature playing cards. But, let's be clear. This is not a collection of card tricks with a 'mental flavor'. This is high impact mental material that will allow you to utterly devastate any audience.

From impromptu, close-up miracles to material suitable for the stage performer - there is something for everyone on this disk. Here's what you'll see:

Force-ite: The performer thinks of a card and an audience member successfully reads his mind and names that card! No stooges! A major feature of Dave's lectures, this is an incredible opening effect that is simply unexplainable.

Leavings: In this perfect follow on effect, one audience member thinks of a card and a second audience correctly names it!

Two Birds with One Stone: One spectator peeks at a card and another merely thinks of one - you successfully name them both. This clever principle allows you to reveal two thoughts of cards when you've only ever peeked at one!

The 'Never Fail' Stop Trick: You place a card in your pocket then deal through the pack. The spectator says 'stop' and the card they stop you on is the mate to the card in your pocket. This can be repeated again and again and again.

Pseudo Memory: A big hit at Dave's lectures. You apparently memorize an entire deck in a matter of seconds. This multi-phased routine builds to an impossible climax and begins from a regular shuffled deck.

Outs of Mind: Dave's handling of Dai Vernon's classic. You successfully discover a thought of card without ever asking a single question!

Dave's Think-a-Card: A spectator thinks of a card from a fan - you name that card! A devious quickly for when the time is right.

Queen Screen: A 'take everywhere' mentalism idea using your mobile phone!

The Man Who Paints the Future: An incredible performance piece where the spectator's actions and thoughts are eerily predicted in a painting.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 59min

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