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Mental Magic of Larry Becker Video, Volume 1: Standing Ovation (VHS), The Review

November 3rd, 2009 11:29am
Reviewed by chipperPaul
A very nice video! Witness a real-life full performance of Mr. Becker at a comedy club (called "Knuckleheads") followed up by a detailed section wherein he describes (nearly) each and every trick just performed.

The whole feel is very tasteful and only criticism (and this is niggly.....but I did lower my rating by one-half star because of it) is I wish it would have been filmed somewhere a bit more tasteful than a comedy club with a giant neon sign with the word "Knuckleheads" upstage during the entire performance. Mr. Becker even jokes a bit early in his performance about that.

A good broad range of effects are shown here.....and I will consider working each and every one into my repertoire.....nothing too complex performance-wise, but a few items will require a little pre-show prep work......he doesn't tip his Russian Roulette effect, but the performance is there.

Generally, Mr. Becker's props/effects are quite expensive.......this is a good value for your money.
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Author: Becker, Larry
Publisher: A-1 Multimedia
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Larry Becker is an internationally acclaimed mentalist, author and inventor. In these two volumes, Larry performs and explains some of the finest magic and mental effects he has ever created including new and unpublished material. Standing Ovation - Tri-Coinetic; Phantasm Supreme; Here, There & Everywhere; Visual Aid; Some Total Stage; Russian Roulette (performance only).

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