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Positively Positive Review

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December 7th, 2009 6:53am
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
Scott Guinn has taken his ASSERTIVE POSITIVE NEGATIVE, updated it, and added more thoughts from Richard Busch in the new, POSITIVELY POSITIVE. It's Scott and Richard's take on Max Maven's simple and effective plot from his Videomind series.

I really like this. For those of you who wanted to hand out your business card at the end with the prediction for the participant to keep, I can think of no better way to do this. Scott's version allows you, with one simple, hoary, gag be able to show the card in such a way to make the prediction a hit every time. For those of you who do or have done Max's original version, you know this was a problem.

Richard Busch's ideas here are equally impressive. Busch's idea is to make it appear that you are mentally projecting thoughts to the participant and then getting one or more "hits" when the prediction is shown. This a fun way to milk the effect a bit more and make the spectator feel as though there really is some sort of mental connection with the performer. I don't see any reason why you couldn't do both versions in a walkaround or impromptu setting. Especially when you have curious watchers that follow you around. You can do Scott's version for one group, then do Richard's version for another. Just changing it up might throw them off.

This is a steal at $15.00 for what's provided. Guinn and Busch have provided something within the ability of anyone that will play strongly, is impromptu and costs less than just about any prop you don't need. It's a no-brainer. You'll get a lot of mileage out of this.

Product info for Positively Positive

Author: Scott F. Guinn & Richard Busch
Publisher: Scott F. Guinn
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $15.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Impromptu mentalism with nothing but a pen and your business card! Based on an effect by the remarkable Max Maven. You write something on the back of your business card and set it aside. You give your participant three imaginary coins. She chooses one and then flips it into the air. She tells you whether it landed heads or tails up. You turn over your card, revealing that you wrote which coin she would choose and its orientation.

This is a new and greatly expanded manuscript in collaboration with Richard Busch. It contains the explanation for my "Assertive Positive Negative", rewritten with a lot more of the thinking and philosophy behind the routine. It also contains "Triple Play Thought Projection" by Richard Busch, which turns the effect into THREE thought projections. Richard also explains a number of variations and ideas on the premise.

The original "Assertive Positive Negative" has been my all-time best seller. This new edition is much bigger and much better! But the appealing aspects remain of an anytime, anywhere impromptu miracle with NO set-up, NO extra props besides any scrap of paper and a writing implement (both of which can be borrowed), NO sleight-of-hand, NOTHING to clean up or ditch!

As a special bonus, if you provide proof that you purchased this directly from either Richard or me, Richard will credit you the full $15 toward the purchase of his book, "The Busch Factor"! If you already own The Busch Factor, send Richard the number of your book, and he will send you "Positively Positive" for free!


"Assertive Positive Negative is brilliant!" - Richard Webster

"How many people can truthfully say that they have improved a method by Max Maven? Well, Scott Guinn can because he really has!" - Richard Busch

"Scott Guinn's Assertive Positive Negative is wonderful. It is quite a bargain and the effect is top-notch." - Elliott Bresler

"Performed Assertive Positive Negative this morning. Killed with it. Thought it'd get good reactions, and it got GREAT reactions." - Mike Ince

"I was never able to warm to the original version of Positive Negative. Probably because I always wanted to hand out my business card. Scott fixed that. His changes may seem small to some but for me he transformed it into a routine I will do always." - Dan McLean

"Scott Guinn and Richard Busch have offered up a rich choice of devious variations and subtleties on a Max Maven classic. Simply put, for any fan of Max's POSITIVE - NEGATIVE, this is a must have." - Bruce Bernstein

"Richard Busch's ability to simplify and extract even more impact from classic effects is truly phenomenal. The Triple Play Thought Projection in Positively Positive is positively just that − phenomenal!" - Larry Becker

"A brilliant use of language to present an impromptu, propless mental miracle, just what we are used to expecting from Richard Busch, the mentalists' wordsmith." - Paul Alberstat


"Richard's non-equivocating, ultra-streamlined approach floored me. It's some trick! Your look, manner, tone, words, your giving credit and complimenting me, the participant -- they all matter. I was wrong. It's not a trick. It's for real and it's very Richard Busch." - Leo Boudreau

"Recently I got POSITIVELY POSITIVE which has Scott Guinn's ASSERTIVE POSITIVE NEGATIVE plus updates and Richard Busch's version. I can say APN is a clever twist that allows you to hand out the revelation card for the spectator to keep. I really like this. I also thought Richard Busch's thoughts were great. He shows you how to get multiple 'hits' from only one bit of information and some creative wording. This is a bargain at 15 bucks." - Christopher Carey

"Another winner from Scott. I always liked the idea of Max's trick but always felt it had one weakness. Scott's lateral thinking has removed the weakness and made me want to add this to my performing repertoire." - Andi Peters

"This effect is worth the money and has become one of my favorites. The addition of Richard's effect is just cream. I would highly recommend that you do yourself a favor and buy this. - Brett Bauscher

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