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Infinity Bend Review

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November 16th, 2009 6:20am
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
Eric Ross' INFINITY BEND is played as an act of super-human strength. That's much different than just about any coin bend on the market, which is typically played as a mental effect wherein the coin is bent with the power of the mind.

If you like that angle, you may like INFINITY BEND, but I don't. The gimmick you'll need to make (and you'll need to make many because you destroy one every performance) is a little tedious and much too delicate to carry around in my opinion. Mr. Ross says he carries the gimmicks in a little hard plastic box in his pocket.

I did not like Ross' handling at all. It didn't have great angles and quite frankly, the coin doesn't look like a piece of metal being bent. It looks more like a rubber coin (it's not). I also didn't like the tacked on coin matrix performed on a glass table at the end of the DVD. It seemed out of place and perhaps it was filler for the short running time of 39 minutes.

What I did like is Brandon Williams' handling of the effect. His additions to the handling make this more practical and more magical in my opinion. His display of the coin seems more natural as well. If I were to do this, Williams' version would be the only way. But that's just not quite enough for me to highly recommend this. I prefer the Mentalism coin bend plot to the visual coin bend and this effect didn't change my mind.

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Author: Eric Ross
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Eric Ross' Infinity Bend allows you to perform the most visual coin bends ever seen. Eric came up with the solution to the problem that most coin bends face, the ability to make bends visually without cover or the use of expensive gimmicks. With Infinity Bend you can borrow a coin from a spectator and bend it in full view at your finger tips.

The methods taught are all easy to perform and well within the grasp of any performer. Eric covers two handlings of the bend ranging from beginner to intermediate. Infinity Bend also features Brandon Williams' ultra visual handling of the effect. In addition, Eric has included a very clever handling of the classic coin matrix.

Running Time Approximately 39min

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