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Twist 3 Review

Official Review

November 11th, 2009 7:43am
Reviewed by Eugene Burger
After thirty minutes of failure, I threw this into the waste basket. The effect was not performable with the cards supplied. The cards were not roughed properly and, therefore, on every spread the extra card was clearly visible by almost an inch. I spent twenty minutes trying all the possible card positions with the hope that there might be roughing fluid on some surface somewhere.

No, every arrangement of the cards was met with failure. They were not properly roughed. I gave the cards to a magician friend and he had the same unhappy experience.

On the package, further, the first claim says: "Super clean and easy magic!" Easy? Well, it may be easy if you are able to execute several Elmsley Counts deceptively.

As a teacher of magic, I do not believe that the Elmsley Count is in any sense an easy sleight. The word "easy" on the package suggests that this is suitable for a beginner or intermediate student. I have worked with many intermediate students all over the world and probably less that half could perform an Elmsley Count deceptively. For myself, when I finally decided to learn this sleight in the early 1980s I found that it was a year before I was able to do it in public deceptively. Perhaps I am a slow learner. Do you think a trick involving Elmsley Counts can realistically be called "easy?"

Or perhaps words have lost their meanings.

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Author: Michael Paul
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Manufacturer's Description:

An action packed, super-magical twisting routine without the tough moves or angles!

Only the most visual and direct twisting routine EVER! Cause four cards to twist (turn over magically) over and over again without any angle-y half passes or turnover moves. Twist them over and over again without re-adjusting the cards after every twist! Show both faces and backs of the cards freely along every step of the way. Twist3 just may become your favorite and most magic-packed packet trick.

Super clean and easy magic!
Natural looking, no fishy weird moves.
No midgets, or high powered electro-magnets
No half passes, or secret card reversals...
No angels! Show the fronts or backs at any time!
No weird displays or hold out moves.
Get 6 eye-popping phases in all!

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