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Magic of the Pendragons #3 Review

Official Review

September 21st, 2009 8:29am
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
Volume three of THE MAGIC OF THE PENDRAGONS is dedicated mostly to Jonathan's solo pieces from their stage show, with one close-up item, Jonathan's mid-air card stab, using his bare foot.

The Linking Ring routine Jonathan does is very visual, interactive, and not for the faint of heart. It has several moves that involve spinning and tossing the rings high in the air. He uses giant rings and at one point actually hits himself in the head on a toss, leaving a welt that the camera zooms in on. There is actually a safety section for this routine. I don't know how many performers would actually want to learn this, but if they do, they'll probably have to change a few things to pull it off.

One thing you get to see on all the DVDs in this series is a video clip from the actual show for each trick. The Sands of Egypt features Jonathan and a small girl from the audience. Jonathan allows her to pour the different colored sands in, one at a time, making a design in the water. After they're mixed by hand, Jonathan reaches in and extracts the three different colors in the order in which the girl calls out. It's a very casual trick and Jonathan explains what a mess it is to carry around, set up and perform. But if you've always wanted to do this, it's not impossible, and watching the touches Jonathan has added here will probably convince you to finally take the plunge.

The Kellar Rope Tie is next and I do remember seeing Jonathan do this live a couple of times. It's a quick interlude using two participants from the crowd and it's a lot of fun. I liked this a lot.

Charlotte and Jonathan go over The Head Twister next, and it's never been one of my favorites. But there are two tips here about how to make the turn and the acting ability of the "twistee" that are invaluable.

If you're a budding Martial artist, you might be interested in the close-up card stab, The World's Greatest Feet of Magic. I've seen Jonathan perform and explain this in a lecture before. It's not my cup of tea, but it's not bad either.

And now we get the part three of the interview with Patrick Martin, which is the last part (Volume four doesn't contain an interview segment). Part three is a very personal part of the interview with Jonathan and he tells the story of the horrible arrow accident at his home which almost ended his life. Jonathan talks about his deep love and gratitude for Charlotte, especially during tough times. Given recent events in the relationship between Charlotte and Jonathan, it's especially touching and sad.

I thought this volume was the weakest, magic-wise, but also thought this was the best of the three interview segments.

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Author: Charlotte and Jonathan Pendragon
Publisher: L&L Publishing
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Stage illusionists historically have been extremely secretive about their craft. Not just about the secrets to the illusions themselves - the mechanics are just a small part - but about the real secrets of what turns a stage illusion into a breathtaking moment of pure magic.

Now, for the first time ever on video, Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon, the "First Couple" of magic and perhaps the greatest exponents of grand illusion ever to grace a stage, lift away the veil and show you the real secrets of stage illusion - the insider information that could only be gained by performing in over 50 countries for the last quarter of a century.

  • The Linking Rings Explanation
  • The Linking Rings Timing And Safety
  • Sands Of Egypt Explanation
  • The Kellar Rope Tie Explanation
  • Demonstration And Explanation
  • Performance And Explanation
An in-depth interview with Jonathan Pendragon by Patrick Martin (Part 3)

When the history of magic is written, Jonathan Pendragon will be remembered as one of its most creative performers."

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