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Visceral Review

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October 27th, 2009 8:50am
Reviewed by Eugene Burger
I think this is very exciting. Derek Roberts has done something quite wonderful: he has taken Pat Page's effect, Easy Money (here incorrectly attributed to Fred Kaps who did indeed have a variation of the Page effect), and moved the action from the area of the performer's belt and crotch up to the area of the performer's face. I think this is really important. The construction of the fake and the handling are both clearly explained. It will take some practice to get this to look as smooth as when Derek performs it so this is not self-working. I should tell you that I am in the process of learning Visceral myself. Need I say more?

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Author: Derek Roberts
Publisher: MagicSmith
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Retail Price: $15.00
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Derek Has added the most exciting innovation to this classic effect to date — the ability to do it with your hands in front of you at the chest level. Bravo Derek!
-Kevin James

Brilliant! Derek has created my all time favorite version of this fantastic effect!
-Jeff McBride

Bills transform — at your fingertips. What 3 Fly did to coins across,Visceral does to the bill change. Up high so everyone can see, and framing your face, you count out 5 new crisp dollar bills. In a millisecond, they change into 5 one hundred dollar bills!

There's no awkwardness in the handling, and the bills are held lightly and undeliberately at your fingertips. Magic doesn't get any more visual than this.

20 minute DVD with performances and in-studio explanation.

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