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Fan2c Review

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September 8th, 2009 7:57am
Reviewed by Eugene Burger
This effect is highly visual and the method is very clever. As Paul explains on the DVD, he fooled me completely the first time I saw it. What we have here is a visually stunning change of five cards into a Royal Flush - and the cards are immediately handed out. The required gaff is not supplied but is simply made by following the instructions. Paul not only explains the effect and method very clearly, he tell us how to get into it in performance. Several variations are also presented. Very good. Recommended.

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Author: R. Paul Wilson
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Imagine you're holding a lousy poker hand. The cards are spread at your fingertips. Now, in a subtle action of riffling the edges of the cards, they seem to magically morph into a royal flush. The cards are visible the whole time and can immediately be handed out for examination.

Perfect for:

  • Magic
  • Gambling Demos
  • Poker Nights
  • Showing Off
  • Fun
Includes 20 minutes of expert instruction on DVD. 40-paged PDF.

Also included on the disc are digital video files in QuickTime format of Paul's performance and explanation of FAN2C. Load these on your iPod for an on-the-go learning experience.

Note: A gimmick is required for this effect. However, Paul goes into great detail on how to make this gimmick using common household materials. It is not difficult and can be put together in only few minutes. Once made, it can be used over and over again.

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